Koktebel Speed Flying Race 2010

Koktebel Speed Flying Race 2010

Speed Flying Competitions http://www.speedflying.ru

SpeedFlying competitions in Crimea, Ukraine.
Location: Koktebel, Mt.Klementyeva.
Dates: 27-31 August 2010.

Rules will be post: 10 June 2010

Support and parthners:

  • Hanggliding club "RDK"
  • Sky Country
  • Mountain Fly School

Competition format and disciplines:

1. Soaring Race.

Race between gates. Height between top and buttom gates - 50m, total race width - 300-500m.

Min wind speed 10 m/s with 45 degrees max.
Max wind speed - 15 m/s.

2. Downhill with gates.

Downhill with gates track, slope with basic not more than 25-30 degrees and height 120m, track distance - 600m. Height of gates - 4m, gates width - 15?.

Max wind speed - 5 m/s, 60 degrees.

Prize money: 1000 EUR.
Competition fee: 20 EUR.

Fee includes transfer from nearest city and support with accomodation.

We invite any pilots with any speedgliders.

All pilots must have open insurance or buy insurance from the local club on arrival.


All pilots can send their registration info to e-mail: speedflying@gmail.com

Entry Expire date: 31 Jul 2010.

Required info:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Wing size and model
  • Insurance
  • Need support with transfer from airport?
  • Accomodation - camping, hostel or hotel near sea.