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LittleCloud - Spiruline13




LittleCloud - Spiruline [2013]




The Spiruline remains firmly in the range for 2013. Pilots continue to enjoy this popular wing due to it’s huge versatility, accessibility, simplicity and the pure pleasure it offers.

Depending on its wing load the Spiruline can be a calm and tranquil wing or a more sporty performance wing. Many new pilots have been using the Spiruline to learn the basic skills of free flight, the L and XL sizes are incredibly accessible for beginner pilots. Faster progression has been noted among pilots learning on the Spiruline, compared to a classic paraglider (with the correct guidance).

The Spiruline XXL, 21.5m2 will be available this season for both teaching purposes, and for the more cautious pilot wishing to make the transition from paraglider to mini-wing. The Spiruline XXL has the same essential characteristics of the Spiruline, the controls feel more direct, there is no pitch, and an excellent hands-up glide can be achieved, such features offer easy handling and longer air time. The reactivity and speed are somewhat reduced compared to the smaller sizes, but the XXL offers pilots with a higher all-up weight (>100kg) a much more comfortable wing during launch and landing.

The Spiruline L and XL remain an excellent choice for female pilots, offering a higher wing load than the smaller sizes.

This year (2013), the Spiruline S and M (14m² & 16m²) join the range and have replaced the previous Ginseng. We expect that pilots seeking a reactive wing will be thrilled with this more balanced and precise wing. Please note: these wings require a certain level of experience to be flown in complete safety.

We have simplified our pricing structure for 2012-2013, all 5 sizes of the Spiruline are priced at 1750€. Each Spiruline can be supplied in the Light version (replacing the Kagoo) and are approximatly 0,5Kg lighter than the standard version.

Spiruline Price : 1750€
Spiruline light Price : 2350€







Manufacture: Little Cloud



 Technical Data


Model S M L XL XXL
Area (Flat/Projected) 14m²/?m² 16,5m²/?m² 18,5m²/?m² 20m²/?m² 21,5m²/?m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 8m/?m 8,45m/?m 8,8m/?m 9,2m/?m 9,56m/?m
Chord (max/min) ?m/?m ? ?m/?m ? ?m/?m ? ?m/?m ? ?m/?m ?
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) 4,3/?
No. of Cells 34
Wing Material 41g Dokdo 30D MF / 35g Dokdo 20D MF
Weight (kg) 3,1 3,4 3,7 3,9 4,2
Glide Ratio 6:1
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed (km/h) 46km/h ~ 56km/h 42km/h ~ 52km/h 40km/h ~ 50km/h 39km/h ~ 48km/h 37km/h ~ 46km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg) 60/110 60/75 75/85 80/100 90/115



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LittleCloud Spiruline [2013]


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