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Niviuk Roamer





Niviuk - Roamer


The Roamer is the multipurpose harness from Niviuk. It is a reversible harness ideally suited to speed flying, speed riding or mountain flying. Designed with independent leg support for a better manoeuvrability the Roamer easily adapts to the shape of the body during each discipline. Light, compact and can easily be transformed into a large capacity rucksack the Roamer is the must have lightweight harness.

• The central buckles are lightweight automatic. Classic buckles are used for the legs straps.
• Split-leg design.
• It has a special compartment to carry the skis prior to flying in snow and Velcro fixings to secure the poles whilst in the air.
• The Roamer has a zipped compartment designed to be closed during flight which reduces the volume of the empty rucksack. • The Roamer is delivered with automatic 30mm carabineers.
• Easy and logical adjustments, optimizing all possible positions when flying.
• Certification: EN PH 017-2001

• Made in two sizes:
Medium: 150 cm / 175cm – 45 Kg / 75Kg.
Large: 175 cm / 200 cm – 75 Kg / 100 Kg.

• Designed in one colour scheme of black and white.
• Total weight of the harness: 1,6 Kg
• Total capacity: 75 litres.

The medium size suits pilots from 160 – 195cm. A larger size is also available for taller pilots.


Manufacture: Niviuk



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