Oct 25 2011
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PlayGravity 2 Premiers Today!

Playravity 2 Premiers Today in Switzerland!

Play Gravity 2 Premier PosterThe long awaited sequel to PlayGravity premiers today in the Bierhübeli in Bern, Switzerland at 19:00 (7pm). If you're in the area, you don't want to miss this! The director and brother of Mathias Roten, Lorenz Roten, will be present. Click on the flyer for details.

The PlayGravity Crew

Ueli Kestenholz has been playing with gravity for decades. There is no sense in counting all his achievements and medals which fill up entire walls, even though he tries to stay away from competition. If you can fly, ride or drive it - he does it, and he does it all very well. Thanks to his highly determined, target-oriented yet endearing nature, the whole project gained momentum and can finally be realized.

Mathias Roten flew with such passion, that many were convinced that he must have been a bird in another life. He won numerous international competitions, pushed the limits of paragliding and is renowned for being the Swiss pioneer in Speedriding. But his ultimate fervor ignited when he founded "Playgravity" together with Ueli and could plan future projects. We will always carry with us his generous and good-hearted character. He still is flying with us... Read more...

Martin Bäbler simply is a virtuoso behind the camera. His incredible eye for esthetic images, his perfect cameraskills and the readiness to walk to the northpole and back for a single shot just to amaze spectators are legendary - and the juries all over the world rewarded this strive with prizes like "best photography", "best camera" and much more. Paired up with Yves in the cutting room, the dream team stands for highest quality in every aspect.

Walter Bäbler is just as uncompromising in matters of quality when he works on one of his powerful soundtracks. His credo, that without good sound the best movie pictures fades away, is running through his veines. With his huge repertoire and his even greater talent he is now sought-after by the national television. In addition to composing sound and soundesign, he also works with the camera and can be placed almost everywhere (the Matterhorn and the outside of hot-air balloons are just two examples of many). He is a top paragliding pilot and togehter with Martin they are able to realize pictures not possible to imitate.

Yves Gründler has achieved international recognition as a cutter - for many good reasons. He works absolutely professionally, is highly effective and always remains clear headed. He keeps oversight over the whole entangeling complexity of the project, brands it with his sharp wits and amazing creativity. At the same time, he always remains accessible to suggestions and meets demands even after a long 12 hour cutting day. With his down to earth and broad-minded character it is fun being around him and he can always count on the respect and loyalty of everybody working with him. We are happy he took a break from the "human flight 3D" project in Canada.

Petra Wolf is responsible for Playgravity's distinctive graphics. She manages to combine artwork and function in her designs for our logo, movie-title, DVD covers, movieposter and of course the website which is her baby as well. As our webmaster she's not only posting the project's news and pics but makes sure, the webshop runs properly so everyone can order their DVD's or T-Shirts easy and quick online. As one of the first female freefly-skydivers and a snowboarder, Petra knows what it's like to play with gravity. Her inputs for the movie and her work for the whole project are crucial.

Samuel Gyger Due to his involvement, Mathias' and Ueli's dream of their own movie became reality with Playgravity 1. After the birth of his second daughter and numerous assignments as a outdoor-cameraman he had to admit there wasn't enough time besides work and family to contribute to our second movie. He's still around though if we need an advice or a camera-lens...

As for my person, I just want to say how grateful I am to be a part of this amazing crew. As Mättu's brother, they all embraced me and helped me to deal with the time after his accident. I want to thank them, and all the fantastic people that I met during this ride, from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful moments and once in a lifetime experience. Peace and love to you all, Lorenz Roten

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