Jan 11 2007
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Speed Flying

Speed Flying Takes Switzerland by Storm!

Speed Flying is the world's newest and most intense sport - a blend of paragliding and skiing let's you ride with speed and style. Speed Flying is a new winter flying sport created by paraglider pilots and skydivers looking for a new sensation and to create a link between gliding by ski and gliding through the air.

For a few years, pioneers have used skydiving parachutes or modified kites. Linking the flight of a glider with the turn of your skis adds a new dimension to the descent from a mountain! It’s an exhilarating sport which will excite and fascinate both participants and spectators…

This new sport has taken the slope by storm, quickly attracting more and more enthusiasts as the buzz of excitement sweeps across Europe! First in France, where Speed Flying was born, but now also in Switzerland and Austria with Italy and Germany not far behind.

Speed Flying News

Season 2 Preview Videos Are Up!!

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Speed Flying Videos and Photo Gallery

Check out our Speed Flying Videos and our new Speed Flying Photo Gallery. More coming soon!

Speed Flying Forums

Make sure you check out our Speed Flying Forums. You can read all about Speed Flying, equipment, tips, and what your fellow Speed Flyers are flying. Members of our forums include industry professionals, among them Mathias Roten, professional Speed Flyer and paraglider and member of the Swiss paragliding team.

Speed Flying Products and Guidelines

Visit our Speed Flying Products page for information on our products and Speed Flying Guidelines for some important guidelines.

Speed Flying Team

Visit our Speed Flying Team page with bios of the Swiss Speed Flying Team members.

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