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The Story of Joe Stone

Joe Stone Sustains Serious Injuries Speed Flying in Montana

Joe Stone and his Dad - Thanksgiving 2009We were recently contacted by Joe's friend James, who brought us the tragic news of Joe's Speed-Flying accident.

Hello, my name is James All.

Though not a Speed Flier myself, a good friend of mine named Joe Stone was and I am sure will be again. Just a week ago he suffered serious and life threatening injuries Speed Flying in Montana. His injuries include a broken neck, collapsed lung as well as several broken ribs. His family and friends are doing what we can but, his medical bill is becoming quite large.

I write to ask if perhaps you would be willing to post his story and information about how others can donate to help pay to help a great 24 year old kid get the surgeries and help he needs to pull through, learn to walk, and learn to perhaps fly again if he so chooses.

The Story of Joe

Joe Learning to Speed Fly in Montana If you have ever met Joe, you know what he can do to you with that beautiful smile of his or those big blue eyes that just make you melt.

Joe is the adventurous type, always taking risks and living life to the fullest. He loves everything about life.

Joe moved out to Missoula, MT from Minneapolis in May of 2009. He felt that moving to the mountains would get him closer to his dreams of “playing” in the outdoors. Playing for Joe meant so many things; mountain bike riding, running, swimming, fishing, climbing, hiking, hunting, rollerblading, skiing, but most of all, flying. He once referred to Missoula as his adult playground, and he played every day.

Once he got out here, he had only the things that meant the most to him, his “gear”, hunting and fishing equipment, and a few clothes. He was living in his truck when he met an amazing man named Will. Will found out what he was doing and told him to park his truck behind the building that he owned. At least then, he would have a safe place to sleep and a place to use the bathroom in the neighboring coffee house. Eventually, this same man gave Joe a job.

Since Joe moved to Missoula, he has said that he would like to travel the world, but eventually would like to make Missoula his permanent home. The community and the beauty of this place had stolen his heart.

Joe has a long road to recovery now, but he will make it back out to Montana eventually. This is the place that his dreams are made of.

Helping Fund Joe's Recovery

You can help fund his recovery via a benefit account was created for him by an aunt and a close family friend. There are three ways you can donate to the Joe Stone benefit account. If you have a Wings Financial account, you can donate by calling 1-800-692-2274. You can donate by going into any Wings Financial Credit Union office nationwide. You can also donate by sending a check to Wings Financial 14985 Glazier Avenue, Apple Vallley MN 55124-6539. Make all checks payable to "The Joe Stone Benefit Account". The account number is 100067109 and you can write the number in the memo of the check.

Joe's Website

You can visit Joe's website on

Caring Bridge

to learn more about Joe and post in the guest book.

Speed-Flying Safety Guidelines

As with any extreme sport, safety precautions must be taken with Speed-Flying. Please read our safety guidelines to make sure you are as prepared as you can be before taking to the air.

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