RedBull BlaidRaid 2008

RedBull BladeRaid 2008

Red Bull BladeRaid will be held at Crystal Mountain, Washington from
March 13-16.  

In the past this event has been an invite only competition.
This year it will be open to any canopy pilot that meets the minimum qualifications.  This will be a ground launch canopy competition. The competition run will be 2,000 vertical feet giving close to a 1 minute run!
There will be 1000’s of dollars in prize money (purse is growing every day, minimum of $5K) and other prizes.  This event has the capacity for 40 athletes. 

Registration will be $300 per athlete.  Registration includes lift tickets for the competition days, lunch in the lodge, after party.

Note: The minimum qualifications are:
-1000 jumps
-Current Pro Rating with the USPA


All competitors must be registered no later then March 1st. 
There will be limited space available (40 athletes).

Location:    Crystal Mountain, Washington -
Dates:    March 13-16 2008

Rules and Info about the event:

Athlete check in will be Thursday between 9am-1pm (location TBA).  During check in athlete will receive an additional information pack and a safety briefing.  All athletes must receive the safety briefing before doing any practice ground launches.
Thursday – Practice Day (9am-4pm)   
Before any ground launching all athletes must be briefing by registration staff.  Athletes are required to ski/snowboard the competition run to get familiar with the mountain.  After everyone has skied the course at least once, they are then allowed to ground launch and run the course.  By 4pm all athletes will stop practice runs and attend mandatory competition meeting.  Meeting will cover groups, order, rules, etc…This meeting will be at 5pm (location TBA)
Friday – Semi finals (4 rounds) 
Athletes are to gather in meeting location at 8am for final briefing and to gear up for the first round of competition.  Ground launch competition begins immediately after briefing.  Competition runs continuously until athletes have completed 2 full rounds.  After 2 rounds athletes will be have a lunch break and then continue with 2 more rounds.

Saturday - Finals
Same schedule as Friday; Sunset Awards and after party!!!

Sunday – Weather Day  Reserved for a weather day if there has not been 1 full round already complete.  If competition is done the athletes are free to ski or go home.


1.1      COURSE:  The designated path which competitors must fly through as indicated by  a series of gates along the length of the course.
1.2    Gate:  Consists of two (2) Airblades standing vertically and separated laterally by a   variable distance.  Gates are used to designate the flight path of the course.
1.3    Airblade:  A flexible device which, when fully erected, has its support pole positioned  upright.  The Airblade indicates wind direction and extends above the surface to a height of 1-5     meters (5-17 feet).
1.4    Vertical Extension:  The section of sky which extends without limit directly above a gate.  The vertical extension of each gate is bordered laterally by the distance between the Airblades which define that gate.
1.5    Start:  The first gate set at the beginning of the course.
1.6      Finish:  The final gate set at the end of the course.
1.7    Body:  All or any part of the anatomical structure, including normal prosthetic  appendages, making up a competitor’s physical being and skis.
1.8    Round:  The completion by all competitors in an event of one scored run in that event using the same launch method.
1.9       Blade  Strike:  Any part of the competitor, including equipment, which touches the Airblades while negotiating the course.

2.1    A minimum number of one round must be completed in an event to determine placings and declare the winners in that event.
2.2    The total time, including penalties which each competitor accumulates for all completed rounds in an event will be used to determine the final placings in that event. In the event of a tie,  fastest time on final round will determine the winner.

Competition Rules 2008

3.1    Qualifications:  Participants must have at least 1000 jumps on high performance para- chutes to enter the Red Bull Bladeraid and hold a current USPA Pro Rating.  This prerequisite may be waived at the discretion of the Competition Director.
3.2    Safety:  Any competitor may be removed from participating in any  Blade Raid event at any time if  the Meet Director, Chief Judge or Competition Director decides that the competitor is not qualified for participation in Blade Raid events or is performing in an unsafe manner.
3.3    Attire:  Helmets must be worn by all Blade Raid competitors during all practice and competition runs.  Protective gear may be worn, the type that will not hinder the competitor’s equipment or compromise safety.  Failure to wear recommended head gear will constitute zero score for that round and immediate dismissal from competition.
3.4    Training:   Practice runs on the official Bladeraid course may be scheduled to take place prior to     the start of competition, but the lack of practice runs shall not be grounds for delaying the start of  any event.
3.5    Launch Order: Determined by Competition Director prior to the start of the competition. 

4.1    A Course Director will be responsible for designing and setting each Airblade course. The course will be set in accordance with  current wind conditions and be designed as to conform to standard landing characteristics of a typical high performance canopy.
4.2    The course will consist of a Start, a Finish and additional gates set between the Start and Finish gates.
4.3    At the end of each completed round, the course may be reset to increase or decrease its degree of difficulty.  The number of gates and the length of the course may be changed. Gates may be moved laterally and the distance between the Airblades of any gate may be     altered.

5.1    Timing starts when head judges gives the start signal
5.2    Athlete has from the start to the first gate to launch off the ground.  If the athlete does not lift off the ground before the first gate there will be a 3 second penalty and if the athlete does not launch before the second gate they will score a 0 for that round
5.3    The athlete will have between the start and the first gate to shut down their parachute and request a relaunch.  If the competitor goes through the first gate they can not request a relaunch.
5.4    The athlete will be granted 1 relaunch per competition day (maximum of 2 relaunches for entire competition). 
5.5    Competition director and head judge have the authority to either authorize or deny any re-launch request
5.6    Weather Conditions:   Adverse weather  conditions will not be accepted as grounds for  a re-launch.  A re-launch shall be granted for this reason at the sole discretion of the meet director.

6.1    To correctly run the course, competitors must pass through the Start Gate, run between all posted gates and pass through the Finish Gate.
6.2    To correctly score a gate, competitors must pass a portion of their body or skis between the Airblades defining that gate and below an imaginary line which connects the top of  the two (2) Airblades.
6.3    After a competitor passes thru the first gate they may only touch the ground in the 2 pre-determined areas; the touch down zone (mid course) and the finish gate.  If contact is made on any other part of the course the competitor will be scored a 0 for that round.
6.4    The touch down zone will be a 30 foot zone between 2 sets of gates that the competitor can touch down.  If a competitor touches down in this zone they will be awarded with a 3 second deduction to their time.  The competitor must not touch the ground after they pass by the last gate in this area, doing so will result in a 0 for the round.
6.5    The competitor must have both skis on the ground when passing thru the finishing gate.  If the competitor is not on the ground and goes thru the finish gate they will be scored a 0.
6.6    Once a competitor passes thru the finishing gate they will have a shut down zone.  If the competitor does not completely stop their motion within this zone they will be scored a 0 for that round and disqualified from the rest of the competition.

7.1    The score for one round is the total time gained while negotiating the start gate correctly negotiating the course with time recorded in seconds, tenth of a second, completing a run through the course combined with any penalties accrued during the Blade Raid swoop.           
7.2    The scoring starts the instant the head judges gives the starting signal and ends the instant any portion of the competitor’s body breaks the plane of  the Finish Gate.
7.3    Competitors who fail to correctly run the start gate and do not pass a portion of their body through the imaginary plane of that gate will receive zero score for that run.
7.4    Competitors who do not correctly pass through  either the Start Gate, course gates or the        Finish Gate,  will receive penalties for the following infractions:

Blade Strike ....................... 1 SEC
Vertical Extension ............ 2 SEC
Destroyed Gate.................. 3 SEC
Missed Gate....................... Disqualified

8.1    Though Blade Raid takes place in a clear, controlled airspace, competitors accept the fact that wind conditions on the course may not be identical for all competitors at the time of their run.
8.2    The competition or event may be suspended if the Chief Judge or Competition Director deems the existing wind conditions may pose a danger  to competitors.

9.1    Competitors may enter the competition on any type of parachute
9.2    Competitors has to fly the same parachute they use on the first round of each day. 

10.1    Any canopy malfunction which creates a control problem for a competitor may
warrant a re-run.
10.2    Following a malfunction, an inspection of the equipment will take place immediately after the competitor has landed.  Self-induced malfunctions will not be considered as grounds for a re-jump/re-run.
10.3    A control problem is a condition that occurs during the round which makes it virtually impossible for the competitor to pass safely through the course.

11.    JUDGING
11.1    The organizer(s) shall select the Chief Judge and approve all judges to be utilized in the event.
11.2    The Chief Judge shall approve the preparation of each course prior to the start of the competition on any specified course.
11.3    Gate Judges shall be positioned to observe all gates while competitors negotiate the  course.
11.4    As each competitor passes a gate, the Gate Judge or video camera assigned to that specific gate shall record the competitor’s performance and note if all rules and regulations were followed. If the gate was run incorrectly, the appropriate penalty shall be applied to the competitors overall score.

12.1    All skydivers must have a minimum of 1000 jumps
12.2    All athletes must wear a safety helmet.
12.3    All athletes must have an in date Pro Rating card with them upon check in.


For non edited version of this text and Official Entry Form Document download  - Click Here



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