Jun 25 2011
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Firebird - Demon

The DEMON is a fully elliptical high-performance sport canopy.

Development and Construction: The DEMON was developed utilizing a completely new computer program, the first to project the profile of an open, air-filled canopy, allowing the individual cells and sections to be exactly calculated. The result is an open canopy absolutely smooth and free of any folds or creases – clearly more efficient and effective – and therefore stronger performing. Closed end cells, partially closed middle cells, new production and manufacturing techniques, radial and axial bottom skin reinforcement are just a few of the innovations in the DEMON.

Performance: The DEMON is ONLY for expert and extreme canopy pilots who already have experience with high-performance canopies at relatively high wing loads. While its consistent, on-heading openings are appreciated, the DEMON´s flight and landing characteristics are thrilling and impressive: Responsive and agile in turns, aggressive in dives, the DEMON lifts earlier on final approach and can fly stable at lower speeds – while maintaining performance – for amazingly long, flat swooping landings.

DEMON – setting a new standard for the future.


Manufacture: Firebird


 Technical Data

Model Demon 080 Demon 100 Demon 120 Demon 130
Area (Flat/Projected) 80 ft²/?ft² 100 ft²/?ft² 120 ft²/?ft² 130 ft²/?ft²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) ?ft/m ?ft/m ?ft/m ?ft/m
Chord (max/min) ?ft/?ft ?ft/?ft ?ft/?ft ?ft/?ft
Plan Form ?
Glide Ratio ? ? ? ?
Aspect Ratio (Flat) ?
Wing Material  
No. of Cells ?
Weight (kg) ? ? ? ?
Recommended Fly weight (kg) 80kg max 88kg max 98kg max 110kg max


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Firebird - Demon

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