Carpathia Speedriding Cup 2013

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Carpathia Speedriding Cup 2013

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Video from the event...


wasko (not verified)

Carpathia Speedriding Cup 2013 has come to an end!
There were 19 riders at the start of the competition. The first runs were held in difficult
weather conditions, the wind and fog made ?it difficult to effectively overcome the upper
section of the speed control slalom route.
After four competition runs Przemys?aw Szukalski and Jerzy Kraus had the same total time
up to one hundredth of a second! Something like this does not happen even in the ski world
cup! It was all decided only in the fifth series, in which Przemys?aw Szukalski from Prowing
Team (Ustrzyki Dolne), after a fierce battle, became the first champion of the Carpathians in
speedriding. The podium looks as follows:


Przemys?aw Szukalski
Jerzy Kraus
Arkadiusz Sabat