Red Bull Speed Ride 2008

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Red Bull Speed Ride 2008

21st .. 25th January, 2008

The first international Speed Ride Big Mountain event
"Red Bull Speed Ride"
with the world's best athletes will take place in St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria.

The competition - the world's athletes start and have two runs to show their their speed riding skills. The runs are filmed, then later the athletes themselves assess the Run competitors, based on the objectively comparable video material according to the following criteria:
-- Best Flight path (Best line)
-- Skiing skills
-- Flying Ability
-- Energy and Fluidity of the Run
-- Creativity of Touch & Goes

The top three riders then compete in a Super Final to find the best...


Monday 21st
Riders Briefing 09:00-10:00
Training 10:00-16:00

Tuesday 22nd
First Run 10:00-12:00
Second Run 13:00-15:00
Judging 19:00
After Contest Party 21:00 (tbd)

Wednesday 23rd
Super Final - 2 Runs 12:00-14:00

All subject to weather conditions (with 2 day weather window)

Course Location:

Start: Mattunjoch (2,543m)

The following 20 of the world's finest athletes take the challenge and follow the invitation to the first Red Bull Speed Ride:

Antoine Montant, FRA (Speedriding Pionier, Vizeweltmeister im Acro Paragliding)
François Bon, FRA (Speedriding Pionier, Acro Paraglider, Skydiver, BASE. Jumper, Eiger & Mont Blanc Premiere)
David Eyraud, FRA (Speedriding Pionier, 2. Platz beim SpeedflyingPro 07)
Pierre Malbet, FRA
Vincent Reffet, FRA (Skydiving Weltmeister 04/05/06, 3. Platz beim SpeedflyingPro 07)
Felix Rodriguez, ESP (Mehrfacher Weltmeister im Acro Paragliding, Gewinner Red Bull VERTIGO 2000-2005)
Matt Gerdes, USA (Paraglider, Skydiver, Ski-Base Jumper)
Carson Klein, USA (Paraglider, Speedriding Pionier)
Mike Steen, USA (Paraglider, Base Jumper, Wingsuit Flyer, Speedriding Pionier)
Mathias Roten, SUI (Acro Paraglider, Gewinner Valfréjus 2007)
Dominique Steffen, SUI (Acro Paraglider, Gewinner Syncro Weltcup, Schweizer Meister 2007)
Ueli Gegenschatz, SUI (Base Jumper, Paraglider, Wingsuit Flyer)
Gaël Amman, SUI (2. Platz Zinal Mauler Cup Speedriding, 5. Platz beim SpeedflyingPro 07)
Chuck Berry, NZL (BASE Jumper, Gewinner Speed Hang Gliding Champs NZL 2006, Parachute Champs NZL 2001)
Peter Geg, GER (Mitglied des Deutschen Paragliding Nationalteams)
Christian Amon, AUT (Paraglider, Speedriding Pionier, Gewinner des Red Bull Dolomitenmann 2005)
Helmut Eichholzer, AUT (Paraglider, 4. Platz Red Bull X-Alps 2005)
Simon Penz, AUT (Paraglider, Speedriding Pionier)
Max Biederman, AUT ((Paraglider, Speedriding Pionier)
Daniel Kofler, AUT (Paraglider, Speedriding Pionier)

All information and details see

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