How to get your Swiss Speedflying Licence

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How to get your Swiss Speedflying Licence

For legal speed-flying in Switzerland, you MUST have the Swiss Speedflying Licence (SSL) and a valid third part insurance for Speedflying which covers at least 1.000.000 CHFr.

Before you can join a SSL course you first need a Swiss Paragliding Licence, or already have a Paragliding Licence to the standard of IPPI Level 4.


The following details about how and what is needed to get your Swiss Speedflying License was received from Bernhard Kälin a Swiss Speedflying Instructor with Chilloutparagliding

How to get your Swiss Speedflying Licence
Switzerland and France are so far still the only countries in the world, which have official regulations and a licence system for Speedflying. There are other education systems but no official licence in any other countries. The French Speedflying license does not officially allow you to legally fly a speedflyer in Switzerland. The manufacturer still says, whether a wing is a speedflyer or a paraglider.
The Swiss Hangliding Federation is working on a system to accept future Speedflying Licenses from other countries if they come up with their own speedflying license, but this will take time!
For legal speed-flying in Switzerland, you MUST have the Swiss Speedflying Licence (lets call it SSL) and a valid third part insurance for Speedflying which covers at least 1.000.000 CHFr.
To get your SSL you need to join a course from a certified Paragliding and Speedflying Instructor. Not all Paragliding Instructors are also Speedflying Instructors. To be allowed to get your SSL you need to have a Paragliding licence with at least the IPPI Level 4! If you are not sure which IPPI level your paragliding license equals, ask the paragliding federation in your country.
The obligatory Speedflying course you must take, is up to every Instructor himself. There are only education guidelines for the Instructor, but he at the end decides whether you are ready or not. So it can be anything from one day to a week or more. It is not obligatory to make this course on skis. But first you need to find an Instructor who agrees to teach or test you only by footlaunching…
Here is the list with all certified Swiss Speedflying Instructors:
To get your Swiss Paragliding License you MUST do at least 50 flights under supervision of an Instructor. You MUST pass the Swiss Theoretical exam. If you have both of this, you are allowed to go for the practical exam, which is hold from the SHV (Swiss Hangliding Federation). Once you pass the exam, you will get the Swiss Paragliding Licence, which gets you IPPI 4 Level right away and allows you to do your SSL: Swiss Paragliding Licence NEVER expires! Same with the SSL!
There is no rule that says you need to do those 50 Flights under supervision with a normal certified Paraglider. You only MUST have a certified paraglider and harness with protection and a safety parachute during the practical exam. But in most Swiss Paragliding Schools this is anyway a rule… If you find an Instructor who lets you do some of those 50 flights with a Miniwing, Hybrid or Speedwing, this is legal. But obviously you need some experience on the normal paraglider to pass the practical exam…
There is no Skydiving licence which allows you to make a shortcut education to get your Swiss Paragliding Licence, neither for the theoretical exam nor for those 50 flights.
Here is the link to the all the detailed rules, also hanggliding, tandempilots, instructors and more,  for visiting pilots to Switzerland:


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Key points from above details...

  • For legal speed-flying in Switzerland, you MUST have the Swiss Speedflying Licence (SSL)
  • Valid third part insurance for Speedflying which covers at least 1.000.000 CHFr..
  • Before joining a SSL course you first need to have a Swiss Paragliding Licence, or a valid Paragliding Licence equivalent to IPPI Level 4 or higher.
  • There are no education shortcuts to by-pass or gain your Swiss Paragliding Licence.
  • No Swiss Paragliding Licence or IPPI Level 4 = No Swiss Speed-Flying Licence.


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Dean Pitcher (not verified)

As a resident of Australia, there is no special licence of Speed Flying. I've been flying for 7 years,and  am a Safety Officer for my Club. I have had a Niviuk Zion 19 for 2 years. It's size still puts me in the normal paraglider wing loading range! So even though it is a Speed Wing, it is flown like a normal Paraglider - I can fly XC on it!

   So what would happen if I flew an XXS Paraglider in Switzerland?? It's not a Speed Wing, but it will have the same wing loading!!!!

  The problem in Switzerland and other Alpine areas, is Speed Riding and Speed Flying 12 square meter or less wings. These cause the most fatalities.   Dean.

Will Hamilton (not verified)

p.s. we all know this is a protection racket setup by well known Swiss speed flyers (who will remain nameless) / school owners in conjunction with the authorities to fleece international pilots and keep their airspce free. 

Will Hamilton (not verified)

What an absolute joke. Do they really think that speedflyers are going to bother gettting a level 4 train spotting qualification before they fly in Switzerland hahahahahahahaha  

Morten Knapstad (not verified)

We have our own Speedriding/Speedflying licence in Norway. We have had it for 4 years now. It is a good system that requires minimum PP level 3 licence, 2 years(minimum) experience and a speedriding/speedflying course with a qualified speedriding/speedflying instructor. You can also take the licence if you are a skydiver, then you need at least 2 years experience, B-licence, recommended by an chief skydive instructor and take the speedriding/speedflying course with a qualified speedriding/speedflying instructor. We have 128 licenced speedriders in Norway today, and our accident rate is very low. 

(To get the PP level 3 in norway you need at least 60 flights)

We also have 3rd part insurance.




Morten Knapstad

Arne H Hillestad (not verified)

Im the executive Officer in the hang and paragliding department in the Norwegian Airsport Federation. I will informe you that Norway started to to educate Speedrider pilots two years ago and that we today have a good education. We have so far had no serious accidents among our members who fly sperider/speedflyer. In Norway you need either to be a paraglider pilot IPPI 3 or a B licence in parachuting and minimum 2 years in one of these sports to start the speedrider education. For more information contact hp.nlf(at) or check our webpage Safe flying from Arne H

a random Speed-Flyer (not verified)

How does "get f*****d" sound (addressing the Switzerland flying authorities)? If you want to fly, you want to fly.