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4Speed Pocket Monster


4Speed - Pocket Monster 09



Manufacturing: The production is by SOL Paragliders.

The new range Pocket Monster after a year of research and development is available.
The wings are specially designed and developed for the practice of speedriding.
The trim system can adapt the glide and speed.
You can stay in contact with the snow whatever the gradient of the slope and precisely adapt the wing for the speed-riding.

- Easy Inflation
- Resistance to turbulence
- Resistance to load shedding
- Precision to Commands
- Very broad range of speed
- Adjustable Glide Ratio
- Trims made of steel with a neoprene cover
- front risers with e red sign
- Breake hendles with an ergonomic ball for a better precision
- Removable elastic between brakes and risers
- Openings at the wing tips to remove the snow
- Moisture proof fabric


4 sizes are available, 15m, 13m, 11m and a 9m

The 15m is for heavy weight riders (> 80Kg) or beginners who wants to start the activity with low speed.
Alexandre has been testing this wing without skis. The Sol Speed-foil is designed to be used with skis.

The 13m is the main surface, middle weight pilots (85-60kg) or for a heavy weight pilot who wants a better speed.

The 11m is for light weight pilots (<65Kg) or expert speed riders who want a more dynamic wing.

The 9m is for expert speed riders who want a more dynamic wing and need a wing for competition speed-riding.


All wings come with:
- Backpacks with 2 external pockets and internal pocket.
- Quick Bag
- Tape Compression
- Bag protects lifts
- User Manual



Standard Colours


Optional Colours


Manufacture: 4Speed


 Technical Data

Model 9m² 11m² 13m² 15m²
Area (Flat/Projected) 9m²/7,71m² 11m²/9,43m² 13m²/11,15m² 15m²/12,90m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 5,59m/5,33m 6,18m/5,33m 6,72m/5,80m 7,22m/6,24m
Chord (max/min) 2,09m/?m 2,09m/?m 2,28m/?m 2,45m/?m
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) 3,47/3,00
No. of Cells 17
Wing Material Gelvenor LCN066 OL KS 49g/m2
Porcher Marine 9092 E29A 001 Hard Finish
Weight (kg) 2,5 2,8 3,1 3,4
Glide Ratio ?
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed (km/h) ? ~ ? ? ~ ? ? ~ ? ? ~ ?
Recommended Fly weight (kg) Pro Expert 65-80kg >73kg


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4Speed - Pocket Monster


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