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JN - Hellracer 2 in 1 [2008]




The Hellracer has been revised for the 2007/2008 season and now called the Hellracer 2 in 1

During the development phase it was JN's first priority to make the HELLRACER 2 IN 1 a reliable partner for you by using only the best materials. Although this version is designed for speedriding on snow in combination with snowboarding and skiing, there is no need to wait for snow as it can be use for wagas on dunes or for ground handling too. HELLRACER 2 IN 1 is different - it ’s neither a paraglider,nor a parachute or kite. Designed for high speed with maximum stability and a wide speed range


Special features of JN HellRAceR 2 IN 1:
  • Pure canopy design meets highest demands and safety standards.
  • available in two twin-sizes:13(11)m ² & 15(13)m ² which can be changed by "2 in 1" innovative zipper technology.
  • High tenacity,water-repellent materials ensure maximum durability
  • New top construction for one cleaner surface.
  • adjustable glide ratio adapts flight path to inclination thanks to new serial risers with trimmers
  • Ample breaking tolerance renders involuntary full stalls is close to impossible
  • easy inflation during take-off
  • oversized and polyester coated lines
  • dirtholes for easy handling and protection
  • the specially designed extreme harness is very light,comfortable and solid is designed with back pocket for practical value
  • comfortable backpack
  • successfully passed tests of paragliding and parachuting regulations (DHV); load tests up to a maximum 8G


available from the end of of October 2007.



Manufacture: JN-Kites


 Technical Data

Model Hellracer II 13/11m² Hellracer II 15/13m²
Area (Flat/Projected) 12,98m²/10,70m² 10,98m²/8,89m² 14,80m²/12,25m² 12,57m²/10,17m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 6,79m/5,62m 5,98m/4,84m 7,27m/6,01m 6,40m/5,18m
Chord (max/min) ? ? ? ?
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) 3,57/2,95 3,26/2,64 3,57/2,95 3,26/2,64
No. of Cells 22 / 20 (zips closed)
Wing Material NCV9017 E77A and E39
Weight (kg) ? ?
Glide Ratio Trim Adjustable for 2:1 .. 4:1
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed 25km/h ~ >70km/h 25km/h ~ >70km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg) Advanced Beginner


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Hellracer II [2008]



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The unzipped 13 (11) m²

The unzipped 13 (11) m² hellracer is easy to footlaunch but needs a little bit more time to come over your head.
The max glide ratio is similar (maybe a little bit better) to the 14 m² nano 06.
The landing is very easy in nil wind if you wind the breaks around your hand one time.