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Aeros - Ballistic



SpeedFlying is very young kind of sport. Although many people say that the start from the slope is "reinventing the wheel", Aeros knows this is not invention, but evolution inside of two kinds of sport: paragliding and skydiving sport. The main point of this sport (Ground Launching/Speedriding) is to glide on the wing at speed following the slope, while passing through the air gates that have a height of only 1.5 meters. On this kind of sport we have our own downhill, slalom, cross-country and freeride. In this moment this sport is contained about two hundred sportsmen and students. Manufacturers are already about ten. Speedflying - you can fly the whole of the year. On summer the pilots can fly, launching on foot. In winter months pilots fly with skis, snowboards and ski-boards.


AEROS Ballistic - is a special wing for speedflying / ground launch flights. This wing has ultra-thin profile. Using the diagonals nervures (cross-braced) adds to small and light wing more ruggedness and stability on "bad air".

Our flight characteristics were elaborated specially for using the wide range of speeds: minimal speed before stall ensures easy start from the slope on no wind weather. Maximal speed even in the big sizes allow without problems to use all reserve of carrying power by the landing on the no wind weather. In spite of the enough leading edge for the increasing of maximal speeds we kept the possibility of the comfort and fast inflation on the no wind weather.

  • edge of ruggedness for comfort front start
  • diagonals (cross-braced)
  • air intake minimum resistance
  • light meterial for wing and lines - medium weight 1.5-2 kg
  • system of internal seams - protection from the catches
  • no V-style lineset

The wing is available in 10, 11, 12, 14 sq.m.


The ultra slim high-speed profile, has all cells cross braced, rigidity on main ribs. Easy and fast work in no wind and up to 15 m/s wind conditions. the wing can be launched from a 45 degrees slope with 5-7 m/s wind on 10 sq.m wing. The Ballistic is very stable in rotor turbulance.

Sky Wide Systems - Blade

SWS Blade harness system is manufactured according to a parachute technology requirements for quality and durability, and designed specifically for speedgliders.

SWS Blade harness system has broad independent leg strap, which makes comfortable and possible to perform start runs, long flights and to enjoy a wide range of body positions while working with skis or snowboard.

The chest strap is precisely at the point where it works to control wing balance, protects against hanging from the latch system, and its length makes it possible to maximize width between risers.

Harness include:

  • Steel rings with cutaway system
  • Loops for reserve parachute or low attach risers
  • Ruksak with anchorage for snowboard and ski
  • Leg pad carabines
  • Pockets under rings and on leg pad





Manufacture: Aeros .. details here



 Technical Data


ModelBallistic 10m²Ballistic 11m²Ballistic 12m²Ballistic 14m²
Area (Flat/Projected)10m²/?m²(105sqft)11m²/?m²(115sqft)12m²/?m²(125sqft)14m²/?m² (145sqft)
Wing Span (Flat/Projected)5,10m/?m5,33m/?m5,44m/?m5,88m/?m
Chord (max/min)1,98m/1,49m2,02m/1,58m2,17m/1,64m2,35m/1,77m
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected)2,81/2,62
No. of Cells?
Wing MaterialPorcher Marine Sport
Weight (kg)????
Glide Ratio?
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed18m/s ~ ?km/h18m/s ~ ?km/h18m/s ~ ?km/h18m/s ~ ?km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg)ExpertAdvanced45/7575/100+



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Aeros - Ballistic






Pilot Review: Adrian Key .. http://www.paraglidingforum.com/

Firstly i would like to thank bladerunner for sending me a Ballistic 14 and 11m canopies for some demo flights, so thankyou!

I had 3 flights on the 14 on Tuesday,The canopy is top quality and very well stitched up,i found it fairly easy to ground handle/kite and it sat up nice above my head. I love the whole design of this canopy,its traditional 9 cell layout,the continuous lineset,the extremely thin profile, the noise and xbraced cell structure. The canopy was rock solid in flight and was very reactive to control inputs. It came with a blade harness which is also a very good design that the skydivers amongst us will be happy with the upright body postion.

Here is a short video of my first flights on the Ball. The conditions were not ideal,the wind was about 18-23 mph on launch and about 8-10 in the LZ. It's not the best vid but you can see what the Ballistic is about.


Im looking forward to flying it in 0 - light winds to see if i can get the claimed top speed of 78kph out of it. If anyone in the UK wants to have a wee peep at it,just get in touch and il be happy to hook up. Awesome canopy

cheers Adrian







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I'm an Ballistic 105 pilot - if you need more Ballistic photos - I have some here from snowy Siberia: