Brake Swivel Safety Notice

Ozone have just posted the following Safety Notice on their website

Brake Swivel Notice:
We have stopped using brake line swivels because some pilots have noticed the potential for certain swivels to wear through the brake line. Not all swivels do this and in the rare cases that have occurred, if it is noticed quickly then it is not a problem. If you are in possession of an Ozone wing with a swivel on the brake line, please check the line for possible wear. This issue can be quickly rectified by attaching the brake line directly to the webbing on the brake handle. Please see your Ozone Dealer if this is not clear, or contact us directly.

Cheers from all the Team.

Brake line swivels aren't normally used on Speed Gliders but if you do have them fitted or have added them to ANY of your speed-gliders please check the brake lines for any possible wear at where the line passes through
swivels. There should be no rough edges around either of the holes.

Helpful tip posted on another forum...
Maybe an idea to practice some rear riser steering/braking training during your next Ground Handling/training flight sessions so you can manage things if a brake line fails.