Bobcat 13.5 for sale

I am selling my nearly new, still crispy GIN Bobact 13.5 including all the bags, Harness , the whole lot. Has got 30 flights on it. You wouldnt know its used if i wouldn't tell you.
Reason for selling: I need money for my new Glider..

Let me know if you are interested before i put it on ebay by the end of July.

Asking price: 1100 Euros including shipping anywhere in the world!

I am selling my Paraglider(ZULU Explorer) as well if you are interested:

Just write me if you have got questions.

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good question..

Don't really know. The moeny goes into buying a new DSLR lense. For winter i still have my trusted Nano 10. But to be honest of course i am keen on a new Wing. the Fluid 8 still lingers in my mind and the upcoming Swing Spitfire looks awesome as well...i probably wait a bit and see what other stuff is coming out...until then the Nano 10 will have to do the works..hehe

re: Sold

What new glider are you getting ?