Best type of Skis ?

What is the Best style of skis for Speedriding ?

Does the type of skis make a big difference to your progress down the mountain ? Type of Skis available... Giant Slalom skis so you can carve turns ? Backcountry twin tip built for bidirectional skiing ? Park/Pipe skis ? Downhill skis ? What type of Skis are you using for Speedriding ?
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Hi there Peter, I´ve been

Hi there Peter, I´ve been snowboarding for the last 15 years and I practise wingsuit base juming aswell. Wanna get into ski for speedriding and would like to buy a pair of skis that fits me both for learning ski and speedriding after. Any advice on exact models? I´m exactly the same weight and height than you! Laughing out loud

Thanks a lot


Ski ZAG - Speedride FB

Ski ZAG Promodel ’Speedride FB’

Freeride… Terme mercatique utilisé pour définir la pratique hors-pistes quel que soit l’engin de glisse sur lequel on évolue, voit son histoire sans cesse bousculée par l’apparition de nouvelles disciplines. Après le ski, le snowboard, le snowkite, le speedriding fait une entrée remarquable dans le cercle des pratiques dites « freeride ». Cet hybride entre le vol libre et le ski a conduit certains illuminés de la glisse à imaginer une nouvelle façon d’explorer des pentes inaccessibles en ski ou en snowboard. François ‘Faf la rage’ Bon est l’un d’entre eux, et après avoir gravité dans les deux mondes depuis qu’il sait marcher, il est devenu l’un des pionniers de ce nouveau sport de glisse qui permet d’évoluer à la fois dans l’air et sur la neige. Développeur chez Gingliders, leader mondial des voiles de speedriding, il est aussi membre du team de la charismatique marque ‘ZAG Skis’. ZAG innove depuis son arrivée dans le monde du ski et continue de se différencier en développant un pro-modèle pour son ami et partenaire François. Elle est ainsi la première marque de ski à s’associer à cette nouvelle tendance grâce à sa collaboration avec l’une des icones du Speedriding. Le SLAP ‘Speedride FB’ est le fruit de cette association de révolutionnaires de la glisse et bénéficie de toutes les qualités que peuvent rechercher les speedriders. C’est un ski large pour le toutes neiges, twin tip pour le switch, qui bénéficie de la technologie RX développée par Zag, un double cambre inversé savamment équilibré associé a un cambre traditionnel qui apporte à la fois plus de portance et de maniabilité : la nouvelle arme de tous les speedriders est uniquement disponible sur

« Je place mes fix’ 2cm en arrière. Ça porte, ça accroche, c’est maniable, c’est facile et c’est solide… Que du bonheur ! » dit il…

Tous à vos voiles… et à vos ZAG !!!

Taille : 185 cm ; Cotes : 138-110-136 ; Rayon : 21m ; Structure renforcée.

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Freeride ... marketing term used to define the practice off-piste whatever gliding apparatus on which it operates, see his story constantly jostled by the emergence of new disciplines. After skiing, snowboarding, snowkiting, the speedriding made a remarkable entry into the circle of practices called "freeride". This hybrid between gliding and skiing led illuminated some of the slides to imagine a new way of exploring inaccessible slopes skiing or snowboarding. Francois 'Faf rage' Good is one of them, and after gravity in both worlds since he could walk, he became one of the pioneers of this new sport of gliding can evolve both in air and snow. Developer at Gingliders, the world leader speedriding sails, it is also a member of the team's charismatic brand 'ZAG Skis'. ZAG innovating since arriving in the ski world and continues to differentiate itself by developing a pro-model for his friend and partner, Francois. It is the first ski brand to join this new trend thanks to its collaboration with one of the icons of Speedriding. The SLAP 'RocTrip Petzl-crew FB' is the result of the revolutionary combination of skiing and enjoy all the qualities that may seek speedriders. It is a wide ski for all snow, twin tip for the switch, which receives the RX technology developed by Zag, a double inverted arches delicately balanced partner has a traditional camber provides both more lift and maneuverability: the new weapon of all speedriders is only available on

"I place my fix '2cm back. That is, it hangs, it's manageable, it's easy and it's solid ... What happiness! "He said ...

All your sails ... and your ZAG!

Size: 185 cm Sidecut: 138-110-136; Radius: 21m; structure strengthened. @ 649 €

Created on SLAP's shape, The SLAP FB is the first ski developed and ameliorated for the practice of speedriding. Conceived in association with one of the pioneers of this sport, François BON, The SLAP FB is a twin-tip ski endowing of ZAG RX technology. Big flotation and better grip for all snow conditions thanks to its double reversed camber. The new weapon of all speedriders is available exclusively on ZAG web site !

what skis

I reckon the softer and floppier the better.

Carve radius: i think it doesn't matter that much because you are rarely fully loading the ski. Not less that 21m though if you want to carve long turns.

length: i have found for my weight and height, 90kg/185cm, that anything less than 190 is unstable at speed on hard snow, and not floaty enough in deep powder. again skis arnt fully loaded in speed riding so i am sure i could ride on 175 comfortably.

width: my serious powder day skis are 120mm wide under foot, great in bottomless powder but rubbish when put on an edge on anything vaguely firm. Obviously you need to get to your off piste launch point so my suggestion is you should be able to ski every snow condition with an underfoot width of 80-87mm. anything narrower and deep powder become a bit of an effort, wider and it wont be tortionally stiff enough to carve on firm snow.

twin tips. i have them and i dont spend a lot of my time skiing backwards. but i do find the ski sits beeter in deep snow and the end of the carve is less agressive/catchy.

reverse camber/ reverse rocker: i tried the Salamon Zar ski this year which have both reverse camber and rocker, i thought they would be too weird for me as like hard core gs skis and these have the rigidity of a wet cloth. however they are awesome. require zero effort to ski on any type of snow. they even carve well on the piste- i dont know how but they do!

the only thing that might be strange for speed riding is that the reverse camber only work when the ski is loaded, but seing as they are so soft i reckon they would be good for Speed riding.

out of the ski in the above picture; definately not the speed 66 unless you are speed riding a world cup DH run which has been sprayed with water and polished. i have the WC SG and GS version of these skis and i tried to ski off piste one day, bad idea. out of the above the legend Pro/trouble make. the big trouble are probably a bit too wide.

but to be honest the wing is doing the work the skis are just resting on the snow.

Yours Aye


RE: Skies

Slamlom Skies?
- are made for riding slopes and prepared terrain. While Speedriding you do not want to initiate the turn with your skies, but with the wing. Also the turns performed are long, wide and fast. Most slalom skies are not long and wide enough to perform in backcountry.

- TwinTip?
show me how to ride backwards while under a wing. nice stunt though... who's first?

I'm using freeride skies. Speedriding takes place off piste, backcountry. So i like big, wide skies that will flow on top of the deep snow. My prefference is the Dynastr Legend 8800. It will work on the prepared slopes too, and its a really good ski when it comes to freeriding.
I also have a pair of VÖLKL KATNAs, but these are waiting for the perfect day in fresh snow since they are so wide (111) that they perform poorly on slopes.
If you sometimes are willing to make a little tour just to reach the perfect spot for your run, i recommend a touring binding so you can get somewhere... ( Fritschi diamir, Marker Duke or similar).