Los Angeles Flying

Hey guys!

Just registered here and thought it would be a good spot to ask a question. So I fly regularly here in Boulder, CO but this summer I'll be working out in the Los Angeles, CA area. I'm looking to do some flying out there whether it be hills/mountains/cliffs. If anyone flies out there, or wants to fly some stuff out there send me a message!


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western canada

is there anyone from b.c. or alberta speed flying? i'm pretty new to the sport and have some pretty sick terrain in b.c. around the nakusp area. it would be cool to have people to fly with and find new spots, but it seems as though it's very frowned upon out here. i came from skydiving and skiing so it just seems natural for me to speedfly. i understand air law and relize the need for it, but speedflying should be an exception to these laws. i'm looking for some partners in crime. literally.


Hi , I've been to Elsinore but i only saw Hang gliders and paragliders flying there,If you hear of any place let me know as I'm over in the US frequently, mikeyc1(at)mac.com


Ive been told that the skydive perris crew is speedflying somewhere in that area.
(perris valley, elsinore?)


Hi, I live in the UK but have flown my speedwing at Crestline and paraglided Marshall, not really suited to speedflying as its not quite steap enough with limited landing areas, there is a guy on paraglidingforum.com called ccaf , he lives in Santa Monica and could help you out, cheers, Mikey