accident near Ogden Utah 30/09/11

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accident near Ogden Utah 30/09/11

Reported September 30, 2011
OGDEN, Utah—

A 31-year-old man was injured in a paragliding accident at Malans Peak, just east of Ogden.

Edward Curtis Gardiner from South Ogden was speed gliding, a type of paragliding, when something went wrong causing him to fall hundreds of feet.

"He had it [parachute] spread out and was ready to launch and as he was launching it didn't fully catch the wind and he ended up going down, instead of straight out," says Weber County Sheriff's Lt. Mark Lowther. "He ended up falling several hundred feet and broke both his ankles."

Lowther says Gardiner and three or four of his friends arrived at the peak and packed their own chutes. Lowther says almost immediately Gardiner had some sort of malfunction.,0,3318688.story

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