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Best of Hawaii

edited by TKFL & is dedicated to the memory of Evan Whitlock

and some flights from Stairway 2 Heaven

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Submitted by Tom B.

That flight in the first video looked fantastic, controlled, styling and the barrels in the chutes were seriously cool and well executed, as did the level of control at those soaring spots...but its yet another video from skydivers in hawaii showing some seriously questionable and dangerous flying.

1st, it might just be my conservative approach to soaring dh speedwings, but swooping into the back of those cliff tops in those winds is swooping close and fast right into the cliff top rotor, the bullets handle it without flinching in these vids but there are plenty of example of collapses in much less turbulent looking spots.
I imagine that swooping canopies is indeed their life, but that landing spot off stairway 2 heaven, what the ****, two people could have died in that video alone, let alone the danger of car distraction. I don't think this is a particularly good video to dedicate to a tragic speedflying accident.

Tom B.