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Best way to start

Submitted by Paula Silva


Hi, i'm a skydiver with +4.500 jumps, i jumps a XF 15 85sqft,60 kg, my questions is whats the best canopy to start and best place, do you guys recommend a course!?

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Spain - I have no details available (will see if I can find any info)

all schools are listed on our Schools/Instruction page

Note: for Speed-Flying in Switzerland you first need a Paragliding License. Requirements for visitors I think is a IPPI-4 paraglider pilot rating ? may be best to contact the school you are interested in to confirm details.

Details posted on are for Swiss Residents - nothing about Speed-Flying visitors



Submitted by Anonymous

Speed flying for now, do you know any school in Spain or Switzerland?



What type of Flying are you looking to do ?
Speed-Riding or Speed-Flying ?

What locations ?

Yes, even with many jumps its always a good option (recommended) to get some instruction from instructor or an experience speed-flying pilot.

Best Canopy...
Difficult to say, but an 8m (85ft) is way too small as a first speed-glider.
For 60Kg and your skydive experience - nothing smaller than an 11m² but IMO you would be better with 12m for first season and then downsize when you have more experience.