best wing to downsize to from gin bobcat 16.5

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best wing to downsize to from gin bobcat 16.5

I've been flying for 2 years and now and have a P2 m1..i want a smaller wing for Speed riding with the skis and hike and flies. I weigh 175 pounds. I feel my bobcat 16 cat pops me to high when speedriding with I don't like the color..I am not price sensitive..I'm being told to get a phazer 14..but I am afraid it wonot make much difference than my 16 bobcat that I intend to keep. I mostly ski mountaineering off 12-14k peaks and do short 500-2500 vert flight's in calm winds only. I often do not fly and as a result want a smaller wing that is lighter for slogging around. Any recommendations?

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12.5m Nano would be worth concidering. or a 11.5m or 13m Swing Mirage could be a good crossover.

Mirage is quiet a light glider so would be good for speedriding and  Hike & Fly if steep enough when going for 11.5m - 13 may be better if only flying in calm winds.

Agree with you on the 16 Bobcat which may be too close to the Fazer 14 when Speedriding. I think it would still give you too much air time -12m would be more the size to look for.