Can You PPG your speed wing ?

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Can You PPG your speed wing ?

16m Ozone XT -

15m Gin Bobcat -

15m Bio-Air Skim -

If you know of other speed gliders good for motorised flight post a few details or video link

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Onur ETL? (not verified)

Onur (not verified)

Hi all.. im searching for this idea for a few mounths but I wanna learn, How can I calculate the thrust that I need for 3-4 kt headwind? I'm 70kg naked and want to launch with xt-16 or fazer14 (fazer is a bad idea:)) Which motor can I use and how many litres I can take? Is there another important things? Smiling I didn't have ppg experience but want to learn it under speedglider yes:/


16m Ozone Firefly...



Submitted by Anonymous


Independence Draco 16m!/photo.php?v=217139528370862&set=vb.100002244501603&type=2&theater



Submitted by ram_air_man


Two that I have flown:

16m Dudek Zakospeed:

19m Niviuk Zion:



16m Ozone FireFly -


Update - if not displaying check YouTube link further down page...