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Competitions in nearest few years

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Competitions in nearest few years

Submitted by bladerunner on December 18, 2006 - 10:07pm.

Hi guys!

What do you think about speedfly/bladerunning competitions in Europe?
Drag-racing, blade slalom, XC traversing?

I'm a skydiver from Ukraine and i many time fly without ski/snowboard, but i have experience with snowboard.

During last two years i work as instructor in my school of ground/cliff launch.

Our website: http://www.glc.crimea.ua

My few last videos:

Blade sport video.

Blade extreme clifflaunch event.

Blade december event.

Now i fly on Skylark Odyssey 90 ft.

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Submitted by mrslaton on February 22, 2007 - 9:16pm.

Yes, I think you are right and soon I will have all the websites and links available for the Speed Flying community creating the World Speed Flying Tour. http://www.worldspeedflyingtour.com now points at http://www.bladerunning.com but more is on the way! If you want to add a competition near you or help the Speed Flying Association contact us!


Submitted by bladerunner on February 22, 2007 - 7:15pm.

Jim, i think, summer bladerunning competitions must organize in Europe between skydivers and paragliders with footlaunch and ski lifts. I want to take part in competitions, but i can't take US visa in nearest one year.




Submitted by mrslaton on February 21, 2007 - 11:59pm.

The Pro Swooping Tour with the World Swooping Association will soon begin organizing "Blade running" competitions for both speed flyers and canopy pilots alike. The sport of Blade running has been around since 1996 and you can check it out online at http://www.bladerunning.com

BLADE RUNNING: Swooping through a course of wind blades (a.k.a. airblades) down a mountain includes both a entry gate (start gate) and a exit gate (finish gate). Wind blades are verticle flags that come in 5, 10 & 15ft.

To stay updated on the new competitions that will be for both skydiving "swoopers" and "speed flyers" please join the mailing list at http://www.canopypiloting.com


Submitted by eden on January 7, 2007 - 6:36pm.

Help! Need information on up and coming event sin Europe as i would like to compete in a speed riding event. Dose anyone have information or a contact web site that could help me?

Cheers all


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