German Speedriding Open 2011

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German Speedriding Open 2011

Am 19. Februar 2011 findet das German Speedriding Open 2011 am Hochgrat im Allgäu statt. Wir stecken noch mitten in der Planung, aber wollten Dir kurz Bescheid geben, damit Du Dir das Event schon mal im Kalender vormerken kannst. Die genauen Infos und Anmeldemöglichkeiten folgen in der nächsten Woche ...

Wir wünschen Dir ein tolles neues Jahr mit jeder Menge Air Time, happy Flights und safe Landings!

Dein DÖSV-Team

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received the following message...

Grüß Dich,

der Winter macht uns einen gehörigen Strich durch die Rechnung. Der Skibetrieb am Hochgrat wurde schon anfang letzter Woche eingestellt und die wenigen noch ridebaren Bereiche sind stark vereist. Aufgrund des nun erhöhten Unfallrisikos müssen wir das German Speedriding Open am 19. Februar leider absagen. Solltest Du Deine Teilnahmegebühr bereits überwiesen haben, wird Dir das Geld in den kommenden Tagen zurückerstattet.

Wir versuchen, noch in dieser Saison ein neues Event zu organisieren, aber können momentan noch nichts versprechen. Wir bleiben dran und geben Dir Bescheid, sobald sich etwas tut.

Wir wünschen Dir weiterhin blue Skies, safe Rides … und vor allem jede Menge Neuschnee!

Dein Speedflying-Verband


English version of the Rules and Registration (Google Translation)

Original German text

Riding Speed Slalom Competition in 3 runs: 2 shorter runs for all participants.
And an Extended Final Run for the top 10 pros speed riding the first two rounds.
After the race Boogie shared-ride from the mountain station.
After that ceremony with video screen, run on the runs of the participants.


Please send us e-mail the completed registration form by telefax or as us and your registration fee by 15 February.

In case of late registration on site, the fee increased by 10, - €.

Application Form -


Separate valuations and prices for 2 classes: Speed Riding Speed Riding, Sex and pros.

Participation in the amateur class is possible from a screen size of 10m2.

Pilots with a speed riding screen whose area is less than 10m2 will be automatically assigned to the Pro class.
This lightweight pilots are not disadvantaged, they participate in the election with the amateurs, if they have a Wing-load value that is less than 8.

Participation in the Extended Final Run is only possible for the top 10 of the Pro class .

You can calculate your Wing-load here.
DÖSV Wing Loading Chart -

Pro-Klasse: Pro Class:
Extended Final Run. Adding the times from Run 1 and Run 2 for qualifying

Extended Final Run.
The best time in Extended Final wins the competition in the Pro class.

1. Place: € 300, - Prizes (Columbia, Swing, GIN)
2. Place: € 100, - Prizes (Columbia, Swing, GIN)
3. Place: € 100, - Prizes (Columbia, Swing, GIN)

Amateur Class:
Adding the times from Run 1 and Run 2nd - Best time of addition wins in the amateur class.

1. Place: Prizes (Columbia, Swing, GIN)
2. Place: Prizes (Columbia, Swing, GIN)
3. Place: Prizes (Columbia, Swing, GIN)


€ 30, - for DÖSV-members, € 50, - for all others.

Included in the entry fee are prizes for the winners of the Pro class, more prizes, sponsor gifts and entry to evening event. Not included are travel, lift tickets and accommodation!


If you are looking for a place yet, then you look at the best hotels with Oberstaufen Plus Guest Card.

If you want your route to calculate Hochgrat, YOU can use this link to Google Maps.

SCHEDULE (19 February 2011)
09:00 - Registration and race number (meeting point: Top station!)
09:30 - Briefing and common course inspection (participation heights briefing available!)
10:30 - First qualifying run (third upper leek Alpe)
12:00 - Lunch at the mountain station (optional)
13:00 - Second qualifying event (Start: Upper Leek Alpe)
15:30 - Extended Final for the top 10 of the Pro-Class (Starting point: Mountain Station)
16:00 - Boogie-Briefing
16:15 - Joint Boogie-Ride with video and photo session (starting place: Mountain Station)
18:00 - Awards ceremony, dinner and party (location to be announced)

SCHEDULE alternative date (20 February 2011)

should competition be interrupted due to the weather, find the remaining races held on the next day.
Meeting and briefing at the mountain station at 09:00 clock.
Then in the end as planned on the previous day.


For safety and liability reasons we must assume a paraglider or parachute license to participate in the competition.

For the airworthiness and operation of the equipment (skis and Speed Riding Gear) the participant's own responsibility. Wearing a back protector is highly recommended.

Participants present a danger to third parties and / or the claims of the competition will not suffice excluded from the jury by the competition.


* Vertical Drop 500 HM for run 1 and 2 and about 800 HM for Extended Final Run, undulating land with about 15 - 40% incline.

* The ground-gates are similar to a ski giant slalom set, and must avoid (not flying around!) Are. Two lines - 6 m in front of and behind the goal - define a field within which the rider must have at least one ski ground.

* The allowable altitude in the Air Gates is defined between the bottom and the top line between the two gate flags. Die Ski zählen dabei als Messpunkt. The skis are counted as a measuring point.

* The routes between the touch of Go-fields sometimes require a glide ratio of about 4!
The clearly labeled touch-and-go-areas in the finals have a size of about 8x4 m (L x W).

* contact with the ground, the rider must be in the TOG field with two skis. are the respective field reaches TOG has flying and flying back out.


* incorrectly passed Goal: + 5 sec
* rendered Goal: + 10 sec
* incorrectly flown to touch-and-go box: +10 sec


* Speed Flyer Size: 8 - 15 sqm (flat area).
The device manufacturer must be explicitly as Speed Rider / Flyer Speed recorded and tested.
The device can be changed between runs.
* Helmet and back protector
* Alpine skiing (no snowboards)


* Failure to observe the terrain-related regulations (eg driving under the cable car)
* Non-participation in the briefing
* Dangerous flying over people
* unauthorized launch from the race track
* Risk of marshals, spectators, skiers and other participants
* Loss of control of the aircraft, crash and own risk


Protest Deadline: 17:00 clock.
Protest fee € 50, -.


We thank our sponsors for their great support and look forward to your participation in the competition!

Your DÖSV team

Hochgrat - Die Speedriderennstrecke



Update - Due to acute shortage of snow on Hochgrat the date of the German Open Speedriding has been moved to 19 February 2011.

Full details can be found