GoPro Line Tangle

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GoPro Line Tangle

The incident happened on a Paraglider during the "Extreme Sports Week" in Voss

see video -

Most pilots don't do ACRO on their speed-gliders, but do sometime get a collapse or a bad launch which could also get your helmet-cam caught in the lines.

Has any Speed-Flyer pilot experienced anything similar ?

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Submitted by Anonymous

That has always been a concern in the skydiving world. Line entanglements with heavy camera gear has killed many of good skydivers. If you're going to put that camera on the top of your helmet, make sure you have a chin strap with a quick snap release for emergency jettison. BTW, The GoPro is better suited to be worn on your chest or attached to your foot during aerial work. That way at a glance you can quickly determine if your camera has been activated. People easily get caught up with messing with the camera during flight that they forget to fly their ship. That always makes great YouTube videos...