SOLD !!!! ITV Bip Bip 18m - almost new - must sell only - $1,500 $US or $AUD

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SOLD !!!! ITV Bip Bip 18m - almost new - must sell only - $1,500 $US or $AUD

SOLD for $1500

One of the best speed/mini wings in perfect condition and must be sold soon - hence the great price!!!

Brand: ITV
Model: Bip Bip 18m
Colour: red, white, black
Purchased Jan 2012
Hours flying: 9 hours

Sale price: only $1500. Originally wanted $1800 but I must sell it quickly to pay for my new wing. This is a bargain!

Performance: The Bip Bip has been a great wing. Beautifully finished compared to most other speed/mini wings. ITV in their understated translation describe it as: [i]"A nice looking Speed-Flying wing and mountaineering as a whole, docile and fast. It is also, well suited for the PPG activity. Definitely a toy to try!"
The web is full of rave reviews about the Bip Bip and many good Youtubes. I found it a very stable and comfortable mini wing to fly. In performance terms it is nicely positioned between a speed wing and a mini paraglider. It is fast and nimble but not twitchy. It also has good L/D. This is not a speed riding wing. This means it is not built for rapid and steep mountain hugging descents - this is best done with a true small speed rider. The Bip Bip suits more moderate descents and performs well as a mini wing in higher winds for coastal soaring. It can thermal and also can be seen on the web as a fast PPG. I am about 85kg take off weight in a speed harness and found it performed best for coastal soaring in 14kn to 20kn. A heavier person, e.g. 100kg take-off, should be able to fly up to 22kn. This is the ideal wing for a coastal paraglider looking for a wing to pull out when the winds get too strong for a standard wing.   

Reason for selling: I have three speed wings and need to sell two of them to buy a tandem glider. 

Links of interest:

The ITV site:

A good Bip Bip video from ITV:

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