Learning Speed-Flying in the Ukraine

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Learning Speed-Flying in the Ukraine

11 November 2010 via email

Hello guys,

I'm from Ukraine, my experience on ski is over 10 years,
now, I want try to start Speed-Flying. Please advise me, what steps I most to do on it.

What kind of chute (or glider) I must choose. Also where I can buy glider? And is it difficult to learn Speed-Flying?

Awaiting answers.

Best regards

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Submitted by Anonymous

Come to gudauri georgia and we will have French instructors in February from Les Arcs speed riding school , it is biggest speed riding shoal,



Where in Ukraine are you located? There are a few guys who fly/teach at Uzun-Syrt.

What glider? See http://www.speed-flying.com/speed-flying-products size should be 13, 14 or 15m depending on pilot weight. The 12m glider is too small for learning.

Speed-Flying is also possible with a performance parachute but not the best option - choose something like Springo, Sabre or similar.

Where to buy? Consider a used glider - look at our forum and post a Wanted advert in the ForSale/Wanted section: http://forum.speed-flying.com/forum/for-sale-or-wanted. Or you can look on the http://www.speedfly.ru forum
For new gliders see http://www.aeros.com.ua or check any of the manufactures websites for a list of their distributors.

Is it difficult? Impossible to answer - it helps if you have paraglider or skydiving experience but not impossible. It is an Extreme Sport with the possibility of serious injury or death every time you fly. Not impossible to self teach but progress will be much slower but you need to have the right mind set to do this. This option is not for everyone - don't just put on a harness attach your glider and go for it. You need to know your glider and how it reacts to inputs - if you've never flown before you need a few long hours of Ground Handling skills first - before heading to a gentle beginner slope.

Hope this reply has some helpful info for you - if you need more please register on the forum and post some more questions.

Best regards