Need Help with Ridge Lift Soaring Recommendations

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Need Help with Ridge Lift Soaring Recommendations

I was wondering what everyone thought of trying to fly some ridge lift on the southern california coast.  I'm 150lbs. I was wondering what canopy size is recommended, which of course depends on the winds; what wind speeds I should be looking for, or what is consistent on the coast; and are there any known or good locations that anyone knows about or has been to especially, besides torrey pines.

I usually use a 12 and14m


I'm looking at getting either a 16 or 18 and trying out some more gradual slopes in socal and trying to catch some ridge lift.  SHould I even bother with this size wing or should I start getting more into paragliding and purchasing another rig setup?

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Thanks for posting the link

Trevor (not verified)


Trevor (not verified)

Not to hijack your post but i asked a similar question on the pg forum.  Got some really good info


check it out.