Paraglide harness ?

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Paraglide harness ?

Submitted by chavert


I want to fly my paraglide harnass a woody vally X over on a gin nano. i dont want to go speedriding but just flying and soaring with nice speed.

Is this possible?


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Submitted by Anonymous


Hey yeah Smiling, I have the same question. I just bought a Spiruline 18 and don't want to fly it with my old gin speedflyer-harness. For paragliding I use a Skywalk Cult XC - everybody says that I should get a harness without a seatplate, but those only come with stupid airbags and airbags su** big time in situations when you need them (=> got me a broken vertebra lumbalis) So what can I do - I'm thinking about buying an acro-harness - are there any acro-harnesses where you can remove the seatplate and reduce weightshift to a minimum? Any ideas here? Cause I like my spine too much to fly an airbag...
Thanks a lot



Possible but its NOT recommended flying any Speedglider with a seat plate PG harness due to the extra input induced when weightshifting.
The glider may over react when flown especially on the smaller sizes.

Can you remove the Seat Plate from your harness - may work better, but not as well as the speedriding harness ?
also you would need to check carabiner spacings etc...

If you do test fly your Nano with the Woody valley X - let us know how you get on.