PPG PD Lamna 17 SQm

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PPG PD Lamna 17 SQm

Submitted by Rickyb


Hi all. New to this site and looking for fellow Powered Speed Freaks. I've had the chance to fly a few Speed wings to date, all on motor, and really enjoy the PD Lamna 17sq/m . I'm quite heavy and its a sweet wing to chuck around.

Please see:

I come from a Skydive background so I'm chuffed PG is heading this way. Keeps the blood pressure up.

Enjoy and please reply with any comments and advice.

Ricky B

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Submitted by birdtrick


Hey Ricky, I'm a fellow Powered Speed Freak. Have a Feex 14.5, but no motor. Just a jetpack - http://vimeo.com/27826903

Speed motoring is the sport of the future...




Submitted by Flystyle


That's sick Ricky.... Nice flying!