Rigifoil Speedglider ?

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Rigifoil Speedglider ?

Gin Gliders Inc. holds an international patent (no. PCT/KR00/00665) on this system.


Rigifoil technology added to a Speedglider - Would it make a big (or any) difference to glider performance ?

What are your thoughts...

  1. The Rigifoil is a re-enforcement on the leading edge.

    It has several functions:

  2. keeps the airfoil in perfect shape, producing a smooth airflow over the wing and a constant pressure inside it. As a result, the glider retains more energy, pitches less and glides better.
  3. makes the leading edge more resistant to pressure on the top surface, giving increased acceleration, stability at speed, and maximum speed.
  4. holds open the air inlets, allowing fast and progressive inflation and re-inflation.
  5. The overall effect is like an extra, invisible cell in the glider.
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