safety note Ava Sport Eiger ripped off harness during flight

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safety note Ava Sport Eiger ripped off harness during flight

Ava Sport Eiger Harness was ripped off during flight, here is more info:

- harness Ava Sport Eiger- ripped off during flight from big wingover 09.06.2013,
- I was flying Little Cloud Spiruline XL
- The harness had attached airbag
- There are no damages or repairs or any bad landings with this harness.

I was with 500-600m over the landing zone and there were some rain coming, so I decide to go down fast, - with the Spiruline is always fun to do wingovers and just have fun! I did one wingover then enter in 360 or spiral - nothing steep, when I came out of the spiral I decide to release the energy with one big wingover and then I heard that scary sound of ripping material, then I just went on one side directly in steep spiral dive, I grabbed the risers thinking that I would slip of the harness, I told I should I throw my reserve but then I decide it would ripped of the harness even more, the ground was coming fast I needed to come out of the spiral immediately and I just released the risers and control the wing out of the spiral then applying some brake on one side I was able to land safely.

From - Avasport say that I was doing ‘acro’ and this harness is not made for that, they will 'repair' but there is no interest to inspect it what went wrong.

I think this harness has some major design errors, the problem is where the leg start to split, there is no reinforcement and there are times that you put some weight just on this area.

I would recommend to all speed flyers who fly this harness, not to do any wingovers, spirals or barrel rolls!


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