Speed Flying in New Zealand

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Speed Flying in New Zealand

Francois Bon and the Acro-Base crew are currently touring New Zealand over the next few weeks for some speedflying and filming.

First weekend they met up with the guys from http://www.wingsandwaves.co.nz/]Wings and Waves and headed for Mt. Ruapehu with 7 Nano's.

Saturday 25th August, the group climbed to the summit, Turoa side
Sunday 26th August, the Whakapapa side (west) while Francois Bon flew from the top of the Pinnacles. (peaks on the R/H side of the above photo).

check out the photos posted in the Wings and Waves On-line Gallery >>> http://homepage.mac.com/wingswaves/WingandWaves/PhotoAlbum21.html

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Some real stunning photos from the trip are now available - http://www.tristanshu.com/projets/nz/index.html

and a short video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVu2_7Sq-9Q


The official Acro-Base video...

Checkout http://www.Acro-Base.com News page for a link to a better quality version....


More photos from the NZ trip...
Check them out on Acro-base.com