Speed flying in Norway?

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Speed flying in Norway?

Submitted by bofh


Are there any good locations in the south parts of Norway?

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there are plenty good spots around stavanger with not too much hiking for some good descents. spent a lot of time this summer reading maps, driving around and hiking to interesting spots.

obviously i have respect for the forums but i dont really want to post the spots here. i have no idea if its even legal in norway and if someone breaks themself then i imagine we may have problems...like base, probably best to stay under the radar.

that said if your in the area or thinking about comming give me a shout and ill show you around. would be great to hook up with other speedflyers and riders as there are only two that i know of here in stavanger...and im one of them!

pm me if your in the stavanger area.


24th June .. 1st July 2012  ~ Ekstremsportveko, Voss, Norway




Gaustatoppen in telemark is pretty good when the weather is calm, there is also a cable car that runs inside the mountain so you don't have to hike. 


I live pretty close, but find myself mostly hiking different mountains in the Haukeli region and in Jotunheimen. 


I'm living in Tromsø, looking for my first speed flying canopy as we speak - i'm a paraglider but the opportunity for flying down some of the mountains here looks too good to miss!


Submitted by theschrund


A few of us did some speed flying from near the eagle's nest above Lysebotn. A couple variations of one decent line but we were there for BASE primarily so the flying was for the bad jumping weather days & between jumps. If you happen to be going to the area, take your wing but I would not make it a flying destination. That said, I am sure that there are other good lines if you work for them, but we rode the BASE bus and walked for about 3 min for the one we were flying. (2000' elevation with rock terraces, trees, and a waterfall)

Fly Safe,




Submitted by Anonymous

Hi folks!

I'm quite new in this sport but I've had some trips with my SW in Sauda Svandalen, just one and a half hour drive east direction from Haugesund city. There is a downhill slope, that is nice to foot launch from. I've only launched from the first part of the hill (first ski lift) but I've been all the way on top of the second ski lift. From the very top you can see another hill with a antena on top of it which seem perfectly suitable for SF.

Is there anyone from Haugesund area in here?




Submitted by Anonymous


I'm living in Trondheim since 6 months now. Does someone knows a place to pratice and/or learn speed riding close to Trondheim ?

Thanks for your responses.

Best regards


david.morin at ntnu.no



Submitted by Anonymous

Voss ( south westcoast ), that host the extreemsport week is a exelent place for speedriding . It is based just east of Bergen .



Submitted by Rich2002


I was in Kjerag last summer BASE jumping and there were a couple of chaps around there flying both PG and Speed wings. I think there was even a speedflying fatality last year there as well. Not being experienced with speedflying yet I don,t know what lines they were flying but it may be worth looking into.



Submitted by Ben


yeah I'm wondering too... what about speedflying.no, is that site down again? Any norwegians here?