Speed Junkies wanted for TV show

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Speed Junkies wanted for TV show

Speed Junkies sought for International Adventure

A TV company is looking for six highly competitive speed junkies, to take part in the adventure of a lifetime, to travel the world taking on locals in an amazing and diverse array of speed events.


The love of speed is witnessed in every culture in the world, often in the
most bizarre ways. So expect to take on anything from Yak racing in remote
Mongolia to moped drag racing in West Africa.

We want colourful characters - but real people with real lives. We’re
looking for both men and women, aged twenty to thirty something, who are
skilled in a speed event.

Does this sound like you?

If so you must have a passion for speed, the desire to win and a willingness
to immerse yourself in local cultures and adapt to local conditions.

Over 12 months you'll need to commit to a minimum of 13 trips to various
remote and amazing destinations with all expenses paid.

If this sounds like you or anyone you know, or if you just want to find out
more please get in touch at casting@wildbluemedia.tv

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