Which wing is faster/better suiter for speedRIDING

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Which wing is faster/better suiter for speedRIDING

Submitted by: M.A.D.


Hey all. I'm a relatively lightweight beginner (expert skier (did lots of racing and freeriding), some skydiving experience). From what I've read so far a 12m is good for a light beginner (correct?). I'm not going to lie, I love to go FAST!!(I'm sure we all do)
I was just wondering which of the following wings is faster and also better suited for more emphasis on riding rather than flying: Ozone Bullet 09 12m, Gin Nano 12.5m, or Niviuk Skate 12m (or any other suggestions)? Given that this is a new sport it is very difficult to find any unbiased reviews out there on the net. Any info on these wings would be much appreciated. Thanks very much.


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Info on all the wings available both past and current models can be found here - http://www.speed-flying.com/speed-flying-products