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JN - Hellracer 06




Speedriding is a new racy combination of skiing and .ying. Attached to a special kite, skiers or snowboarders can glide or float down a slope, taking off in order to avoid obstacles and touching down as they please.

Where does speedriding come from ?
Speedriding was invented by a bunch of crazy French kiters, who first introduced the sport on the AcroFolies 2005 kite contest DVD. Since then, speedriding has gathered a wide following. Speedriding is highly attractive for all professionals,excellent freeriders, snowkiters and pilots looking for the ultimate in adrenaline kicks!

At JN, they were immediately infected after watching a speedriding DVD in September 2005. After sensational 4 months of development, regardless of all problems related to time and organisation, JN and Pro fly produced the first kite especially developed for speedriding,the JN HELLRACER.

What ’s the kick ?
Speed, weightlessness and rhythm! Even only watching the sport is infectious. It is fascinating to be able to allow ones own weight to be carried partly or entirely by the kite,elegantly gliding down slopes, carving into the snow at times, flying at others. Take off, be airborne,touch down,carve snow. Speedriding lets riders master slopes interrupted by rocks by simply taking off into the air and flying over the obstacle. Wherever speedriders unfold their kites and glide down the slopes, onlookers are fascinated. Speedriding not only attracts crowds, it also opens new perspectives on skiing, snowboarding and paragliding.

What makes the HELLRACER special ?
The HELLRACER is a canopy produced especially for speedriding, it is neither a small glider,nor a para-chute or kite. It was especially developed for very high speeds and maximum stability.

HELLRACER is made of strong, impermeable materials, it has a stable aerodynamic profile and a design optimised for speedriding. Riders can control starting and flying speed with trimmers on the straps and adjust the glide path to the terrain while riding. HELLRACER will either fly or glide, according to commands. Flying speeds can reach up to 70 km/h. Both starting and landing is easy. Braking tolerance is ample enough to make an involuntary full stall impossible. JN ‘s speedriding equipment also features a customised ultra light,high comfort agile strap system and a robust backpack.


The HELLRACER was developed for speedriding on snow, both for skiers and snowboarders.However,
riders do not have to wait for snow, HELLRACER can also be used on dunes or for ground handling and even with a professional pilot for towing...

Who is speedriding targeted at? What abilities are required?
JN recommend aspiring speedriders take paragliding or parachuting lessons and train their skiing abilities. Experience has shown snowkiters have the necessary feeling for the canopy when airborne, which is essential.Otherwise, no special abilities are needed. Every speedrider is a pioneer and should be very careful and cautious. Speedriding means moving at high speed close to the ground!For this reason, speedriding is not a sport for everybody.

Speedrider HELLRACER passes DHV load test up to 8g  on 14th March 2006.


Risers - on the 05/06 hellracer models the trimmers were positioned on the front riser with no possibility to fix and hold the new trim setting - they were just designed to be pulled by hand for hookturns or short bursts of extra speed and less glide.




Manufacture: JN Kites


 Technical Data

Model Hellracer 13m² Hellracer 15m²
Area (Flat/Projected) 12.8m²/?m² 14.9m²/?m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 6,80m/?m 7,30m/?m
Chord (max/min) ?m/?m ?m/?m
Plan Form ?
Glide Ratio ?
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) 3.60/?
Wing Material NCV9017 E77A and E39
No. of Cells 22
Weight (kg) ? ?
Recommended Fly weight (kg)    


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JN Hellracer 06

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