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LittleCloud - Spirulina

LittleCloud - Spirulina




Their philosophy is simple: create "extraordinary" products that provides a maximum of pleasure, devoted to a wide audience.

LittleCloud offers extremely versatile mini-sails, easy to use, accessible to the pilots level. They open the door to a wide variety of use: mountain flight, flight entertainment on site, and ridge soaring flights.

The activity is new, we pay attention to its evolution and want a rich and permanent exchange with mini-sail pilots.


Spirulina 14m ² What fun we had during flight tests and the development of Spirulina 14! No flight roll right off of a speed walk quite effective manageable flare, simple and precise steering. This Spirulina was being challenged, tested in all configurations of use (no off wind, tail wind, high flight conditions at very high, off and landing position détrimée). It has also been tested in flight with asymmetrical closures, balanced, full stall, spiral simulations involved incidents of use ...). That happiness, the name Spirulina was just a cocktail Wellness, adrenaline, efficiency. It's a sail for its size which is very accessible, uniform and amortized. Implementation is bleuffante facility. It is aimed at a broad audience, which is in Spirulina 14 of the speed, accuracy, great durability, a wing forward but precise shortly. The performances are not to be outdone, the thermal flights and is based off are not forgotten. A wing is ideal for chain curves at high speed "between friends" (do not overlook the fact that 4 spirulina, 4 pilots and 1 driver fall easily into a normal car), make soaring in high winds while Most glider pilots waiting for the lull in the late afternoon. Due to its low volume and its implementation practices Spirulina s'emmène everywhere, there will always be an excuse to go back to driving. For the more experienced will be the perfect companion for mountain trails with return by air. The assumption of the Spiruline 14 is identical to the Spirulina 16. It takes place during a period of several days with an instructor, who will issue a progression that suits your experience and taking into account a 14m2 wing. For experienced and knowledgeable drivers (parachutists, paragliders), a briefing and a tutorial delivered by an ambassador LittleCloud taking into account the specificities of the mini-sailing will be offered. As for the PTV Spiruline 16 and will therefore have direct effects on the behavior of the wing. The speed, responsiveness of the sail and its rate of fall in turn will be increased. Beyond a PTV of 100kg we recommend spirulina 16m2. The behavior of the 14 Spiruline seduced us and we explored further by devising a Spiruline 12 off on foot. It remains yet in the team test driver, but it's very promising. Stay tuned. Spirulina 16m ² The specification for the 16 Spirulina is ambitious. PTV with a less than 75kg, it can do anything! A sail weight of 3.2 kg, small volume, and thermal soaring, flying détrimé sensation and discovery of fast along the terrain, air flight conditions more severe. The lengthened and chosen profile ensure ease and solidity of the wing. A flat surface of 16m2, an off speed low for a mini-sailing and good care can consider any kind of off on foot. Spirulina 16 is also for a wider audience. For beginners a training course is necessary taking into account the specificity of small surfaces. From the first flights the simplicity of implementation of this mini-sailing will bring you confidence and allow you to progress quickly. As in the learning of the recurrence of paragliding flights in still air is a guarantee of security for the future. Pilots with previous experience in flight paragliding and a fair knowledge of their technical level may go as Spirulina immediately after a briefing issued by an ambassador LittleCloud recalling the specifics of the mini-sailing. The smooth running of your progress will be directly related to your way of approaching the business by the choice of sites and aérologie attended during the first flights of discovery. You will then discover the potential and versatility of Spirulina, pleasure flight guaranteed. Spirulina 18 is the biggest in the range of Little Cloud. It is directed from the beginner learning to fly and the experienced pilot looking for easy sail, lightweight, small footprint. Its versatility and ease are not in contradiction with a wide speed range available. With 3.4 kg, low volume and lift with trims, it is an ideal mountain sailing, sailing trip anywhere and simple for flights on site. The surfaces of small mini-sails give the possibility to maintain a low weight while maintaining tissue weights between 36 and 41g, which ensures the strength and longevity of the sail in use trying. (Soaring seaside terrain off aggressive handling in the wind). The primary objective of Spirulina is not the race for the performance but the accessibility of a versatile flying. Spirulina is 18, however, not left in the sink rate and finesse and we guarantee you beautiful flights in "normal" thermal conditions. Spirulina is designed to be used by pilots of different gauge of a family or group, for example. 18 Spirulina is also a response to the pilots' weight '(PTV exceeding 110kg) who want to discover the mini veil. NOTE: Text is an edited Google Translation from the LittleCloud website.


2010 - The Spiruline remains the Spiruline.

We have upgraded the equipment such as adding a swivel on the handles, new neoprene handles, new graphic on the top of the wing to make is more visible. Risers are at the same level when fully trimmed (to help the paragliding people).

The Spiruline is a very accessible Miniwing, pretty long brake travel with almost no roll, no pitch which make it easy to understand and to use.

The 14m is much different than the previous model, the performance, L/D ratio has been raised up to be at the same level than the 16 and 18.

Also there is adjustment to the Leading Edge construction.






Manufacture: Little Cloud


 Technical Data

Model Spirulina 14m² Spirulina 16m² Spirulina 18m²
Area (Flat/Projected) 14,5m²/12,7m² 16m²/14m² 17,8m²/15,5m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 7,7m/?m ? 8,5m/?m ? 9,0m/?m ?
Chord (max/min) ?m/?m ? ?m/?m ? ?m/?m ?
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) 4,2/? 4,4/?
No. of Cells 26 30 30
Wing Material 41g Dokdo 30D MF / 35g Dokdo 20D MF
Weight (kg) 2,9 3,2 3,4
Glide Ratio 6:1 7:1 7:1
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed ?km/h ~ ?km/h ?km/h ~ ?km/h ?km/h ~ ?km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg) 50/95 50/95 60/110


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