Aug 19 2011
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Our Mathias Roten Places First in First Official Speed Flying Championships!!

Speed Flying - The new Trendsport: skiing and flying!

This week, from January 15 - 17 the first official Speed Flying Championships took place in the French valley of Frejus.  The competitors included 30 pilots amongst which the distinguished Team Babylon counts itself (multiple Skydiving World Champions). 

The competition focused on 2 disciplines that would together combine for a total score, similar to the scoring system used in Alpine Skiing.  In two slalom races, the competitors must race through checkpoints as fast as possible in a furious attempt to combine flying and skiing in a way that will bring them to the finish line in the least amount of time.

Representing the Swiss Speed Flying team, Mathias Roten opened eyes the day before, in qualifying races, as he grabbed the best times without breaking a sweat.  In the first slalom race he placed a close second, and in the second race he raced to the front and finished first.  In the final race that would determine the champion the Speed Flyers had to find the quickest way to the goal line.  Mathias' experience with the sport combined with a cunning mind allowed him to discover a route that took him down the mountain at a ridiculous speed, enabling him to win the final race and become the first Freeride Air Cup Champion.

The Rankings

1.Roten Mathias                   149.25.SUI

2.Bon Francois                     151.69   FR

3. David Eyraud                   152.94   FR

4. Assael Nicolas                 153.61   FR

5. Fugen Frederic                154.87   FR

6. Dubois Lionel                   157.81  SUI

Congratulations Mathias!  The team here at congratulates you on a fantastic run and on an achievement that marks a significant moment in the pioneering times of the exciting and thrilling sport we know as Speed Flying.

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