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Ozone XT16




Ozone - XT16



There is something sublime about dragging your toes just centimeters over the ground as you descend the hill, and something wonderful about not missing that Saturday of flying just because there’s an extra 7-10kmh of wind.

Even when conditions were 35kmh and absolutely cross (impossible to fly normal paragliders) the Ozone test team were blasting all around the hill, climbing over launch and carving down the mountain. It’s stable in windy turbulence, and even though it seems a bit weird to be out flying in conditions like this, the truth is that once you’re on the wing and in the air, it just feels good!


The Ultimate Cross Terrain Speed Flying wing. The XT 16 is soarable when normal paragliders can’t even be brought out of the bag, and is easy to launch and land in high wind or no wind.

Ultra-long brake range
Highly stall resistant
Low Speed landings
Gentle, coordinated handling

Across a wide variety of sites and conditions, the XT excels. Based on over a decade of paraglider research and the recent developments in Speed Flying Wing Profiles, the XT is designed with a hybrid flat bottom profile for stability in active air, and full diagonals for a smooth and precise feel.

In addition to the airfoil shape, the low aspect ratio and thicker profile of the XT sets it apart from normal paragliders. These design attributes create a blend of higher stability and lower performance than a standard paraglider, which in turn makes the XT ideal for high wind soaring and for carving and swooping terrain on the way down the mountain.

The XT provides the missing link between paragliders and speed flying wings, and is for pilots who want to experience the option of flying in higher wind, or feeling a bit more airspeed on any descent flight. The XT also fits into a small backpack, making it easy to hike or travel with.

Top Surface Cloth: OzTech 30gm2
Bottom Surface Cloth: OzTech 30gm2
Rib cloth: OzTech 30D w/ webbing reinforcement
Upper lines: Cousin Water Tolerant Dyneema
Mid lines: Cousin Water Tolerant Dyneema
Lower Lines: Cousin Water Tolerant Dyneema





Manufacture: Ozone



 Technical Data


ModelXT16 16m²
Area (Flat/Projected)16,0m²/14,3m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected)7,3m/6,3m
Chord (max/min)?m/?m
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected)3,4/2,78
No. of Cells18
Wing Material?
Weight (kg)?
Glide Ratio?
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed?m/s ~ ?km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg)Expert



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Ozone - XT16

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