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Parachute de France - Springo

The SPRINGO has been designed in the spirit of gliding sports i.e. Surf, Windsurf, and Snowsurf. SPRINGO is more than a canopy. It is a whole concept that has its own philosophy: freedom to act, speed, vivacity, and remarkable landing control.

Originally engineered to meet the highest performance expectations the SPRINGO design was achieved to fulfill the needs of most skydivers. Our R & D department listened and designed a range of canopies in accordance with pilots expectations. Among the features, we find :

On heading comfortable openings
The famous Blue Track flight pleasure (thanks to our exclusive airfoil)
A wide choice of landing speeds.

After two years of extensive field survey PdF have perfected the SPRINGO to make it the number one choice of most skydivers.


Because of the developments made by P.D.F in the military area with the BT 80, the SPRINGO now features a specific LSS slider (low stress slider). Of course this means less stress on canopy components but it also means less stress on you. Electronic measurements made on each line of a canopy during the deployment sequence have shown that the new innovative PDF LSS regulates the opening sequence in the most efficient way. PDF extensively designed and tested this innovative LSS. This study was made by the French Military, an independent entity. The results speak for themselves: No more hard openings, no more rotations (providing a normal proper packing). With the SPRINGO, you enjoy the best regular openings you ever have dreamed of.

SPRINGO is so easy to use that low altitude turns are not necessary to enjoy an outstanding flare. An average skydiver will find SPRINGO very easy and docile. A skygod will enjoy the high performances and the ability to make the greatest flares.


Available in sizes 110, 120, 140 & 160 sq ft.



Manufacture Web: Parachutes-de-France


 Technical Data...

Model Springo 110 Springo 120 Springo 140 Springo 160
Area (Flat/Projected) 110 ft² 120 ft² 140 ft² 160 ft²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) 5.19m/?m 5.50m/?m 5.97m/?m 6.30m/?m
Chord (max/min) 2.06m/1.41m 2.18m/1.49m 2.37m/1.62m 2.50m/1.71m
PlanForm 28.0
Glide Ratio ?
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) 2,7
Wing Material Intrados PF2500 / Extrados ZP-00A
No. of Cells 9 cell (2 x tri-cell)
Weight (kg) 2,10 2,30 2,55 2,75
Recommended Fly weight (kg) 60 70 80 90


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Parachute de France - Springo




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