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Icarus Canopies: - EXTreme FX & VX

The ICARUS EXTreme-FX. The name stands for E lliptical Cross braced T ri-cell ( EXTreme - EXTreme-FX )

The EXTreme-FX is not for everybody. It's built specifically for radical maneuverability and is ideal for turf surfing. It is for experienced elliptical pilots only.

What is a Cross Brace Tri-cell ?
Cross Brace Tri-cell means the cell is divided into three chambers instead of two and the chambers are diagonally braced to force each cell back into shape. When looking at the front of a Cross Brace Tri-cell both the upper and lower surfaces appear smooth.

Flying Characteristics:
Front risering is heavy as well as smooth and stable.
Toggle pressure is no different to other elliptical parachute.
Overturning is more pronounced.
The EXTreme-FX has been designed to have a large recovery arc.

The EXTreme-FX is not for everybody - it's not an all round canopy or of much advantage at light wing loadings. But if you're a bit of a canopy connoisseur who likes flying a canopy and enjoys a radical turf surf then you should definitely consider the Icarus EXTreme. At high wing loadings it will out perform many canopies currently available (with the exeption of the EXTreme VX), it's expensive, it's bulky but it opens well and is a pleasure to fly and land.


The EXTreme-VX is a 27-cell Elliptical X-braced Tri-cell and is the undisputed highest performing canopy on the planet! Jumpers have known for years that 9-cell canopies out perform 7-cells. 27 cells out perform 21 cells just the same. The VX enjoys many of the same design features as the FX with constant aspect ratio varying cell widths, a fully formed nose, zero dynamic distortion etc. The extra rigidity in the canopy through both narrower cell spans and broader angles in the cross braces gives the canopy an even crisper more ridged feel, even more than the EXTreme-FX. The VX is primarily a competition wing designed to swoop massive distances and fly at ballistic speeds for those turf surf purists whose prime objective is to get the last bit of available performance from their canopy.

Icarus Canopies recommend wing-loadings from 1.8 PSF to 2.4 PSF (5-10% more than th FX) 


Manufacture: Icarus Canopies


 Technical Data

Model EXTreme-VX 89 EXTreme-VX 99 EXTreme-VX 109 EXTreme-VX 119
Area (Flat/Projected) ?m²/?m² ?m²/?m² ?m²/?m² ?m²/?m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected) ?m²/?m² ?m²/?m² ?m²/?m² ?m²/?m²
Chord (max/min) ?m²/?m² ?m²/?m² ?m²/?m² ?m²/?m²
Plan Form ?
Glide Ratio ? ? ? ?
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected) ?
Wing Material n/a
No. of Cells 27 Cell X-braced Tri-cell
Weight (kg) ? ? ? ?
Recommended Fly weight (kg) Wing-loading: 1.8 PSF to 2.4 PSF


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Icarus Canopies: - Icarus EXTreme FX & VX



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Icarus Vx74 leading and JVx 78 following @ wingload 2.4




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