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Skyline Bat




Skyline - Bat



The extraordinary Speedglider BAT, equipped with latest technologies from Paraglider r&d, is very stable, easy to launch and perfectly steerable by using combination of brakes/trims. Nylon sticks in the leading edge, diagonal ribs and appropriate camber are taken from Paraglider development for high performance wings - these characteristics give enormous stability to the canopy. With its precise handling, sensitively adjusted trims/brakes, the BAT will be your favorite wing for speeding near the ground. Controlling the glide ratio, use the brakes - adjusting to the terrain, use the trims.


- nylon sticks at leading edge
- diagonal ribbs
- trims
- stable canopy, no "pumping"
- hight glide ratio





Manufacture: Skyline-Flightgear



 Technical Data


ModelBat 9Bat 11Bat 13Bat 15
Area (Flat/Projected)9m²/7.39m²11m²/9.03m²13m²/10.67m²15m²/12.31m²
Wing Span (Flat/Projected)5.84m/4.51m6.46m/4.99m7.02m/5.42m7.55m/5.82m
Chord (max/min)?m/?m?m/?m?m/?m?m/?m
Aspect Ratio (Flat/Projected)3.8/2.75
No. of Cells22
Wing Material?
Weight (kg)????
Glide Ratio????
Trim Speed ~ Top Speed?km/h ~ ?km/h
Recommended Fly weight (kg)ProExpert<100 kg<125kg



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Skyline - Bat


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