Flying Planet Shoo'ka


I helped to finish this new speedflying wing.
I tested plenty of flight conditions (thermal, no wind, soaring, mountain..) and every time I have much fun with it!! Smiling

The 1st size is 15 m2, a light version is available. A 12 m2 size is will be soon ready.

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Hello, The Shoo'ka load test


The Shoo'ka load test has proven that the wing is not damaged at 10G, so There is not problem for acro. Obviousily, in case of intensive acro flights the wing has to be regulary inspected and his life will be shorter.

I don't think that the infinity is possible, I think it is rather a single thumbling. The shape and energy when detrimed allows many acro tricks although it is not designed for that purpose.

Skooka ACRO

Great video and flying...

The Heli's at 3:30 look real smooth
and the glider holds its shape and internal pressure well.

What happened with the attempted infinity (3:50) ?

Is the glider manufactured with added strength for Acro ?

Acro maneuvers with the

Acro maneuvers with the Shoo'ka 15 in Chamonix :

A 13 m2 and 18 m2 will be soon available!

re: Shoo'ka at see side


I was effectively flying the 15m2 wing (flat area of 14.65m2)

I weight 70kg and with my harness, a reserve and the wing, my total weight is about 85 kg.
In the video, the wind is 25-30 km/h. I am flying nearly the minimal speed with the trimers.
At this spot I have flown with a wind of 40 km/h. It was also excellent conditions but the take off has to be correctely managed (even if the wing is small).

There is more info on the Flying Planet website:

Flying Planet Shoo'ka

The direct link of the video :

re: Shoo'ka at see side

Nice video
Was that the 14m you were flying ?

What is your/pilot weight ? and do you know what the wind speed was at the time ?

Shoo'ka at see side

An other video of the Shoo'ka.
At see side this time... Enjoy