***SOLD*** Ozone Bullet 09 10m - Like New!

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***SOLD*** Ozone Bullet 09 10m - Like New!

Have 2 like new Ozone 09 Bullets in 10m.

Very little flight time or time in the sun.

Available with Atak harness or just wing.

Very fast and respnsive. Swoops and lands great.

Here is a link to a no wind launch.


Standard red/grey/white colors.

Spend less and fly more.

Wing Only - $700

Wing + Harness - $850




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Thanks for your interest.

Still have the wing with harness. It is practically new.

Harness is not reversible but it comes with the hiking backpack and all wing stash bags.

If you want a reversable harness the Ozone Oxygen1 is super light and comfortable.

Also have just a wing for sale with no harness for a great price.

Wing is in great shape.....not much time in the sun at all.

Can work out a good price for just the wing and then you can still afford a more hikeable harness.

Let me know


Ben (not verified)

Is the wing and harness available?  Im not sure if the Atak harness is reversible into a rucksack, but does the wing also come with a carryng bag for the harness and wing?