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Airwave Rodeo

Submitted by Charlie Booth


Recently we had a pilot experience a full collapse in an Airwave Rodeo. He was executing, what appeared to be, good lazy 8 / wing overs, close to the lip of the cliff T/O. The wing suddenly experienced wing tip collapses from both sides, which enveloped the whole canopy. The pilot dived at approx 45 degs towards the ground, into what appeared to be a ground impact scenario. However, without any pilot input (it all occurred much too fast) the canopy opened again very fast, and prevented the "inevitable" happening, fortunately. This again shows the amazing recovery rate of most speed wings. And "perhaps" confirms that, provided you can avoid a collision in the air, there really is not much point in dragging a back-up shute along, on a speed wing. The pilot did not have many hours up on speed wings, and no longer shows off infront of the crowd !

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