Awak 33 Mini-Tandem

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Awak 33 Mini-Tandem

Submitted by: Flystyle


The 33 is in near-perfect condition and has only been used for a few mountain flights. It has under a couple hours on it.

Asking $2850 or best offer; color - black/white/orange.

Comes with a free Performance Flying DVD, caribiners, backpack, compression strap, stash bag, manual, repair kit, stickers, free tows (up to a mile high) and a free bed and breakfast in the Pacific Northwest. We also have tandem spreader bars, let us know if you need these as well; we'll let you know a price.

This wing is amazing; it's like a tandem speedwing but still offers a ton of lift and some FAST flying!

Check out the review for this amazing wing!

Flystyle also carries a great selection of speed wings, paragliders, harnesses, motors, reserves, kites, accessories, DVDs and books and dangerous toys.

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The first flight, the first turns and the first moments of total freedom were all made without the benefit or burden of someone granting pilots permission or, worse yet, forcing them to pay to play. The real challenges and the true opportunities for progression will always exist off the beaten paths and outside of the regulated lines. Your scene, your style, your riding and the future of speedflying and paragliding are, and always have been, in your hands and your hands alone. Air is born free and unrestricted and it demands that you unlock its potential. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. Let Flystyle help make your dreams come true and get you into self-sufficient shred mode instantly. Thanks for visiting! Now let’s go fly.

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Call or email with questions; we look forward to teaching you how to fly here at Flystyle!

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