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NEW Forum Upgrade

NEW Forum Upgrade - March 2012

If you haven't already noticed we have just upgraded our forum - which now has a lot of new features such as Embed video, images. improved post layout options and you can also contact members with PM's and user registered emails.

The new upgrade doesn't recognise the registrations to our previous forum and it is not possible to transfer the details across. Same applies to all the forum posts which is being done manually - our For Sale and Wanted section will start again with all the past entries stored in the archive section.


Re-egistering your Account

New to the website & forum

Please send your Request via - Contact option on the Top Menu with a valid email address and your requested User ID
(best to include a few options in case they are already in use or we will create the User ID for you)


Registered with previous forum

Please contact us via - Contact option on the Top Menu with a valid email address and your current  User ID so that

We willl re-register you with these detail if the User ID is not already in use.


Original website Registrations

If you registered with our website between 2006 & 2010 before we had issues with our  original forum - you should be able to login with your Original details if you can remember them. If not - we can check all the original database entries and reset your original password for you if you, or if requested - delete and re-register you with a new User ID. If you still know your user ID you should be able to request a lost password reset.


Any problems Contact us and we will do our best to fix the problem.,


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