Performance Specs on Gin Nano?

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Performance Specs on Gin Nano?

Submitted by Steve Myers on Tue, 2006-03-07 19:43.

Where can I find additional specs on the Gin Nano 14-M that can't be found on the Gin site?

I'm interested in trim and stall speeds, sink rate, & glide ratio.

The variable trim sounds interesting. Does the wing provide good indication of impending stall when you approach stall speed (or does it just happen **** quick and you become a human snow plow Smiling?

How strong a wind speed can you fly in without too much risk?

On the 14-M, I'd be at about 5.44 Kg/SqM wing loading (based on flat area). That's about 1.1 lbs/SqFt.

I imagine everything happens pretty quick on this wing Smiling

When will an owners manual be available online?

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Submitted by mathias on April 5, 2006 - 10:10pm.

Hello Steve

One Factor for the speed is how much weight you will put on the wing. My weight is 72kg

All I can tell you about the speed is out of my feeling. I never took a GPS to measure the exact speed.

Nano 14m2:

stall speed: 35km/h
Trim speed: 50km/h
Full speed: 60km/h (straight flight)

The break travel on the 14 is pretty long and it is not easy to stall the glider without feeling it. Before the wing will stall the break travel will get pretty hard and your hands will be far down. If once the wing should stall and you release the break the wing will immediately start to fly again without big shooting and without loosing too much altitude.

If you have a lot of speed and there is an obstacle you want to flair over or prepare for a soft landing the wing has good resources over the break. It is possible to break a lot to stop the speed and use the resources.

I would say 30-35km/h of headwind is no problem at all!